‘Yadhalo Mounam’: Music video featuring Sridevi’s niece sizzles is a hit!

‘Yadhalo Mounam’: Music video featuring Sridevi’s niece sizzles is a hit!

‘ Yadhalo Mounam’ is amongst the most-acclaimed independent music videos in current times. A stunning video clip that belongs to the movie ‘When The Music Changes’ (streaming on iTunes and also Aditya Music), it has come in for large vital function.

Music videos are the new craze on the internet. They are coming to be a lot more popular than film songs. “Yadhalo Mounam” is a brand-new addition to this trend. The emphasize of the tune is it includes 2 legacy skills.

Shirisha, Sridevi’s niece, as well as Darshan Ganesan, the grand son of the legendary Tamil thespian Sivaji Ganesan have actually played the lead pair.

'Yadhalo Mounam': Music video featuring Sridevi's niece sizzles is a hit!

Directed by Lakshmi Devy, the video is out in Telugu and also Tamil, and also it is stated to be part of a movie labelled ‘When The Music Changes’ (streaming on iTunes and Aditya Songs). Vignesh Shivasubramaniam and Vesta Chen have likewise appeared in the tune. Lakshmi Devy is a grand niece of professional starlet Padmini.

Composed by Achu Rajamani, the track has actually been fired by Abinandhan Ramanujam. Varun Menon helped Achu with this track.

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Lakshmi Devi has tastefully helmed this tune, which is a multilingual (Telugu and also Tamil). Starring Shirisha, who is Sridevi’s niece, and Darshan Ganesan (Sivaji Ganesan’s grand son), this set likewise features Vignesh Shivasubramaniam and Vesta Chen.

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Passing the song as well as outcome, composer Achu Rajamani completely enjoyed doing the perky tune. Additionally worked by Varun Menon, it has considerable crooning by Achu Rajamani himself.

Speaking about the film of which the music video belongs, the manufacturers claimed, “Our film has actually been garnering outstanding Hollywood testimonials and is currently formally completing for an Oscar in the Live-Action Short classification.”

Yadhalo Mounam’: Music video – With Abinandhan Ramanujam cranking the camera, the song is edited by Anthony Gonsalves.


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