Will Bullet Train Do Justice to Its Namesake Novel?

Longtime Hollywood heartthrob Brad Pitt is returning to the large display, with a couple of different notable stars, for the film Bullet Train. Directed by David Leitch, the film is Pitt’s first after 2019’s Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood. The new movie is an adaptation of Kōtarō Isaka’s 2010 novel Maria Beetle, The novel, initially in Jap anese, was revealed in English as Bullet Train , The film adaptation consists of many different well-known faces corresponding to Joey King, Sandra Bullock, Andrew Koji, Hiroyuki Sanada, Brian Tyree Henry, and Michael Shannon.

Kōtarō Isaka is a bestselling Japanese creator. His novel, Maria Beetle, is a darkish, satirical thriller that follows a deadly practice journey of 5 extremely educated and motivated assassins. The journey takes place from Tokyo to Morioka because the characters of Satoshi, Kimura, Ladybug, and the duo Tangerine and Lemon battle it out to see who will get off the practice alive on the final terminal. The novel is filled with motion and power with a posh set of twists, turns, and double-crosses. The thriller, very like its creator, was a powerful success in Japan and emerged as an authentic, bestselling novel.

The Movie

The Bullet Train adaptation is about to loosely comply with the identical plot because the novel. The Sony Pictures synopsis for the film reads:

Based on the Japanese novel, Maria Beetle by Kotaro Isaka, 5 assassins discover themselves on a fast-moving bullet practice from Tokyo to Morioka with just a few stops in between. They uncover their missions should not unrelated to 1 one other. The query turns into, who will make it off the practice alive and what awaits them on the terminal station?

Despite these claims from Sony, speaking to HERO Magazine in March 2022, actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson stated that though the film began by being devoted to the darkish, satirical tone of the novel, the tone modified as manufacturing progressed. “Originally, this thing was quite a dark, R-rated, vicious action piece, but we hammed it up and made it fun,” he stated, “I don’t know what happened, but it became a comedy!”.

Fans of the novel and future audiences of Bullet Train are actually left with the query of whether or not the film adaptation will do justice to the much-loved guide.

Claims About Bullet Train

Although some followers look ahead in pleasure to the variation’s adjustments, some have raised considerations about points they suppose the film might maintain. These are primarily to do with Asian illustration within the adaptation and what this would possibly imply within the context of Hollywood.

Speaking to AsAmNewsDavid Inoue, the Executive Director of the Japanese American Citizens League, expressed his ideas relating to whitewashing:

“I absolutely think charges of whitewashing are accurate as this is a story based around what were originally Japanese characters and it remains set in Japan. Foreigners, or gaijin, remain a distinct minority in Japan, and to populate the movie with so many in the leading roles is ignoring the setting.”

In analyzing the novel towards what has been launched in regards to the film, Inoue’s claims appear legitimate as non-Asian characters seem to comprise the vast majority of the film forged. Inoue additional stated that non-Asian actors needs to be questioned relating to their relationship with the Asian group. “To see a film set in Japan with Japanese characters only as the background is offensive, and some of them should have been asking questions about this,” he stated. Speaking particularly of Pitt and his affect in Hollywood, Inoue said, “someone of Brad Pitt’s stature has the ability to do that, and he failed to say anything.”


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In addition to points with Asian illustration within the adaptation, viewers have additionally expressed concern over the variations they’ve famous within the portrayal of Japan within the trailer of the film. One of the numerous variations is that the bullet practice within the movie does not resemble the one within the novel or, the truth is, trains in Japan. This is no matter the truth that the film is about in Japan. Observant viewers, analyzing the practice’s atmosphere and digital shows, have additionally realized that the practice within the adaptation heads from Tokyo to Shin-Osaka. This is a course reverse to the one specified within the novel. The change in course could also be attributable to the administrators wanting to attach with their worldwide viewers by having the practice take a route traveled by many worldwide vacationers who journey from Tokyo to Kyoto.

The Author’s View

A declare has additionally been made that the Japan portrayed within the adaptation is an “amped-up” model of the true Japan, with parts that may attraction to a world viewers being highlighted. However, the Japanese folks have responded positively to the portrayal of Japan within the trailer. Isaka took to Twitter to specific his ideas through a handwritten picture. The English translation of the message reads, “What’s this Japan!? Even though I was surprised, I was excited by the gorgeous across and their energetic, violent scenes! I hope it will be a fun movie that will drive away dark feelings!”

Will Justice Be Done?

Whether the variation will do justice to its namesake novel will solely be revealed on July 29, 2022. Despite of whitewashing, followers of the guide additionally seem excited to see what variations the film might maintain. The creator of the novel giving his seal of approval is a particular plus level for the variation. Further, Pitt is a much-loved actor in Japan, being affectionately nicknamed “Burapi.” This, too, works in favor of the variation as, regardless of adjustments, the presence of “Burapi” might carry the film to success.

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It additionally needs to be admitted that the cinematic necessities of a film adaptation deem that the variation differs from its supply work. While plot particulars could also be adhered to, the administrators of the variation needs to be afforded the artistic freedom to make their work totally different, genuine, and authentic. The identical goes for Bullet Train. As such, the justice carried out by the variation to its namesake supply needs to be evaluated by itself benefit, with the distinctive variations between the mediums of novel and film in thoughts.

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