Why the victory of Ashraful Hussain From Chenga in Assam is poetic justice
Ashraful Hussain form Twitter

In associate act of outcome, the individuals of Chenga, a body in lower province, have sent AIUDF’s Ashraful Hussain, a young Miya author, as their representative to the fresh elective province assembly. he’s just one of 126 MLAs however the importance of his presence is that he represents associate unapologetic Miya voice — one that the state’s new chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has declared as a threat to the Assamese identity and culture.

It has been the same that the organizational skills of Sarma forced the BJP to like him because of the new chief minister over the outgoing one however his brazen anti-Muslim and anti-Miya stance within the last 5 years may be a reason likewise. He has brazenly same that his party failed to wish votes of the Miya Muslim community which he wished another NRC to spot these “outsiders”.

Ashraful Hussain’s conclusion has got to be understood during this context. The word “Miya” could be a slur accustomed describe Muslims World Health Organization migrated from East Bengal to province over many decades, ranging from the nineteenth century, and World Health Organization carry on the Char Chaporis (shifting riverine islands) of province. however Ashraful and his fellow poets have rescued it and turned it into a badge of honour. A literary composition written in 2016 by Hafiz Ahmed, the president of the Char Chapori Sahitya Parishad, took province by storm and galvanized fellow poets. He wrote, “Write down/I am a Miya/My serial range within the NRC is 200543/I have 2 children/Another is coming/Next summer. /Will you hate him/As you hate me?”

Younger voices like Ashraful Hussain found bravery in these plain words of their elder. “Who Pine Tree Stateasure} they? Why can’t they be allowed to talk associated sing the approach they do? Ashraful writes: “And tho’ i used to be born in province and pride in/Calling myself an Assamese/The language doesn’t sink my tongue/My father wears a blue-checked lungi/My mother wears a saree/My sister wears mekhela or churidar/And me, brother, I wear jeans pants.”

For this audacity to create themselves visible and lay a claim for an area in Assam’s cultural landscape, the Miya poets had to pay a worth. In 2019, FIRs were lodged against them and that they had to travel into concealing. I recall a gathering at the Press Club in metropolis|city|metropolis|urban center} unionised by the writers of Delhi in their support. Ashraful was alleged to scan his poems there however he couldn’t return.

These were the fees against them: The Miya poets were writing in a synthetic language, there was nothing sort of a Miya idiom and that they were fracturing the Assamese identity. the reality was that the Miya poets had broken the parable of 1 single Assamese voice. The individuals of the Char Chapori use dialects of Mymensingh, Pabna, Tangail, and Dhaka, regions currently in Asian nation, with the influence of provinceese likewise as different native languages of Assam.

The question before the individuals Ashraful calls “choruwa, bhatiya, migrator shaykh, neo-Asomiya, Mymensinghia” in one amongst his poems was to explain themselves. World Health Organization ar they?


Shalim Hussain, a Miya author, asked, “So what can we decision ourselves then? If and given that it’s not possible for U.S.A. to be famous merely as Indians or Assamese allow us to be known as ‘Miya’. The distinction between Miya and Bangladeshi should be clearly demarcated.” He explained, “… in province Miya could be a uncomplimentary term used for a particular community — Assamese Muslims of Bengal origin. ‘Miya’ could be a matrix at intervals that fall descendants of individuals World Health Organization migrated from Tangail, Pabna, Mymensingh, Dhaka, and different districts of current Asian nation. However, there’s a category angle to the equation too. an informed Bengal-origin Assamese Muslim World Health Organization conjointly speaks Assamese may be ready to camouflage his ‘Miyaness’. Since i’m university educated and speak tight Assamese, i’d not be known as a Miya, a minimum of till I create it specific. My cousin, on the opposite hand, World Health Organization drives a cycle-rickshaw in Guwahati, can perpetually be one. My category privilege may defend ME from the emotions of disgust reserved for my full cousin.”

So, it had been not for a literary career however to spot with their lesser privileged brothers, World Health Organization got to face this slur daily, that Ashraful and his colleagues determined to decide their poetry Miya poetry.

Ashraful could be a soft, shrinking violet however he has with nice grit and determination stood for people who are vulnerable by the method of the NRC. His poetry gave voice to his individuals however within the planet of democracy, they required illustration wherever it mattered. So, he determined to travel to his individuals and raise them, “If he sings for them, will he even be given the authority to talk for them as their representative?” The individuals of Chenga weak him with their mandate. A rookie in politics, he defeated AGP’s Rabiul Hussain and Biu-Mandara Ali Ahmed, an old sitting Congress MLA, by quite fifty,000 votes.

In the assembly, he can take the oath because the representative of his individuals when the person World Health Organization desires them disfranchised takes oath because the Chief Minister. Ashraful Hussain can have the corporate of his poetry to reply to the violent politics of erasure: “I have mature a bud and 2 leaves on my hands/I have learnt to jot down 2 lines/I have learnt to open my mouth and say/… within the name of my mother World Health Organization died/In a detention house, I swear/That this voice in my throat can grow louder/And someday rustle the folds in your ears. /I swear sir, I swear by my dead mother.”

Let us impart the individuals of Chenga and celebrate this vote for Miya poetry.

Source: The Indian Express