Why Congress fails to grasp Hindutva

Why Congress fails to grasp Hindutva

Attacking Hindutva is attacking the very basis of the Sanatan Dharma and the establishments that emerge from its beliefs

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Whenever there may be an assault on the tradition and custom of this nation, it has been met with a response that has helped in additional enlargement of the ideology guiding the rules that govern lives of a median Indian. This explains why Islamic assaults on India or by the Christians did not seize the hearts and minds of individuals the way in which they did in different international locations. India suffered violence however by no means allowed its spirit to be demolished. The tradition of seekers of religious uplift all the time threw a problem to new assaults.

Critics typically fail to grasp that Hinduism is just not a faith of the Book and it’s continuously within the strategy of evolution the place man finds methods to regulate to nature and proceed with the religious quest. Recently, Congress chief Salman Khurshid tried to launch an ideological assault on this historic syncretic custom by evaluating Hindutva to terrorist organisations equivalent to ISIS and Boko Haram.

The newest to affix the refrain to defame Hindus is Mani Shankar Aiyar who claimed that the BJP doesn’t contemplate non-Hindus as Indians and might throw them out at any time. He additionally backed former Congress president Rahul Gandhi who opined that Hindutva is about beating a Sikh or a Muslim. This framework of assault demonstrates the pathological hatred for Hindu by a celebration that aspires to rule the place greater than 80 p.c of the inhabitants nonetheless adhere to the philosophy of Sanatan Dharma. Naturally there could be a counter assault to show the hollowness of such a comparability.

In his guide Sunrise Over Ayodhya: Nationhood in Our Times, Khurshid says, “Sanatan dharma and classical Hinduism known to sages and saints were being pushed aside by a robust version of Hindutva, by all standards a political version similar to the jihadist Islam of groups like ISIS and Boko Haram of recent years.” Anyone who understands the inherent nature of the tradition and custom of this nation would assume many occasions earlier than giving such statements which are objectionable and bereft of any reality.

ISIS and Boko Haram use terror to determine Islamic State the place individuals could be ruled solely by the Sharia and the place rational minds and human rights wouldn’t exist. They search justification in spiritual doctrines and their first victims are these Muslims who’ve deviated from the paths of Puritan Islam. Comparing Hindutva with these organisations intends to harm majority Hindu sentiments and appease these Muslims who’ve been made to see Hindutva as a menace.

One would have finished nicely to have a look at the definition supplied by the Supreme Court in 1995 the place it stated that there was no distinction between Hindu, Hinduism and Hindutva and all of those describe the lifestyle developed in India over many centuries. Any logical thoughts would say that whereas Hindu is membership of the Sanatan custom for individuals born on this land, Hinduism is the qualities that outline who’s a Hindu equivalent to use of motive, truthfulness, religious awakening, tolerance, and so forth, that make one a greater human being. Hindutva is attainment of these beliefs — the best type of religious awakening the place one turns into akin to God. It is similar as Buddha, Buddhism and Bodhitva the place Bodhitva is discovering enlightenment and salvation.

Let us attempt to perceive Hindutva by means of phrases of a few of our nice minds. Adi Shankaracharya described the world as an phantasm. He stated that the final word actuality is Brahman or pure consciousness, the consciousness of the pure self that’s devoid of all attributes and all classes of the mind. But this realisation comes solely when ego or avidya that arises from ignorance vanishes. When individuals attain this state there isn’t a battle.


Swami Vivekananda described Hinduism as a lifestyle. It is our cultural, nationwide and dharmic id. He delved into the Vedas and the Upanishads and taught to the world the energy of the Hindu perception system. His Hinduism pervaded all facets of nationwide life equivalent to character constructing, schooling, religion, and so forth. All these qualities had been fantastically articulated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in January 2014 when he spoke concerning the concept of India and included amongst others Satyameva Jayate (reality alone triumphs) and Ahimsa Parmo Dharma (non-violence is topmost obligation).

Even Veer Savarkar’s Hindutva is for all those that contemplate India to be a land of their ancestors. He stated that everybody who’s born within the nation ought to take pleasure of their tradition and ethnic id. Critics discover issues if that is prolonged to the political realm. But they overlook that Mahatma Gandhi stated that faith can’t be separated from politics since faith is dharma and each politician should comply with his dharma of reality and trusteeship.

The assault on Hindutva and describing this as militant assertion of Hindu id is an try to color the tradition of this land within the damaging mild. Christianity witnessed crusades in opposition to Muslims. Islam has witnessed radicalisation and terrorism. But Hinduism practiced by such an enormous inhabitants has been left untouched by these devilish tendencies.

Congress president Sonia Gandhi and the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) sought to create Hindu terror narrative to counter steadiness Islamic terrorism. In 2009, Rahul Gandhi had informed then US Ambassador Timothy Roemer that extremist teams amongst Hindus had been greater menace than Islamic terrorism. We all know the way the Hindu terror narrative has fallen flat and Pragya Thakur, who was haunted and tortured for UPA machinations, is now an honourable member of the Lok Sabha.

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat has categorically stated that those that say that Muslims shouldn’t reside in India, usually are not Hindus. “Those involved in lynchings were against Hindutva,” he asserted and added that “nationalism and glory of ancestors” ought to kind the idea of Hindu-Muslim unity. The Prime Minister has already condemned those that take regulation of their hand within the title of cow vigilantism. They are criminals by the evening, he had stated.

Describing incidents that relate to regulation and order as extension of militant Hindutva is a giant fallacy. Those who say that temples are locations the place boys go to to eve-tease ladies and those that put on janeu (sacred thread) over the coat to point out he’s a Hindu can not perceive Hindutva. Hindutva is reality and folks will settle for you if you’re truthful to your calling no matter whether or not you’re a Muslim, a Hindu or a Christian. Late APJ Abdul Kalam, who turned the President of India, is a shining instance. He is probably the most admired chief of this nation.

Rahul Gandhi and the Congress ought to know that folks of this nation are sensible sufficient to separate the faux from the true. The RSS, the BJP and PM Modi have made an indelible impression within the hearts of individuals due to their uncompromising dedication to a robust nation primarily based on the nation’s cultural ethos. If you’re guided by egocentric motives and Western stereotypes you wouldn’t succeed. Attacking Hindutva is attacking the very basis of the Sanatan Dharma and the establishments that emerge from its beliefs.

The author is the convener of the media relations division of the BJP and represents the get together as a spokesperson on TV debates. He has authored the guide ‘Narendra Modi: The Game Changer’. The views expressed are private.

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