WATCH | Chinese choppers fly previous Pingtan island because it steps up army ops round Taiwan

China has stepped up army operations in areas round Taiwan and choppers have been seen flying previous Pingtan island, a area near Taiwan.

Chinese army helicopters fly previous Pingtan island, one among mainland China’s closest level from Taiwan, in Fujian province (Photo: AFP)

Chinese army choppers have been seen flying previous Pingtan island, a area in Fujian province near Taiwan.

Angered by US official Nancy Pelosi’s go to to Taiwan, which China claims as its personal, Beijing has stepped up army workouts in areas round Taiwan.

It has additionally deployed two plane carriers to the north and south of Taiwan.

China’s plane provider Shandong (CV-17) left the naval base of Sanya on the day of Pelosi’s go to, and Liaoning-001 additionally raised anchor from the house base in Qingdao.

Based on the positions of naval fleets, China is trying to dam the Taiwan Strait.

Meanwhile, the US has additionally deployed 4 of its warships to the east of Taiwan.

As tensions flare, Taiwan, an island roughly 100 miles from the coast of southeast China, is now successfully encircled by US and Chinese warships.

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