Udaipur killing: A premeditated civilisational battle and the doubtful function performed by secular-liberal apologists

The intrinsic message from the Godhra train-burning and the Marad bloodbath all the best way as much as Kamlesh Tiwari and Kanhaiya Lal stays the identical because it has remained for the reason that alien Islamic invasions of India: It is a premeditated civilisational battle that one facet is set to complete in any respect prices

A 12 months and three months after a prepare coach carrying religious Kar Sevaks was set ablaze within the Godhra railway station by a Muslim mob, an identical incident had occurred deep down in Marad, Kerala. A Muslim mob armed with lethal swords descended on a bunch of unarmed Hindu fishermen sitting on the seaside close to a temple. What adopted was wanton slaughter which left 9 Hindus useless and several other others had been left bleeding on the seaside. Police investigation revealed an enormous pile of swords and country-made bombs in a close-by mosque. Unsurprisingly, blood-stained swords had been additionally recovered from the lot. The media barely gave protection to the incident and bought away with the omission. Unlike Gujarat, no riots erupted in Kerala. The grip over the narrative was nonetheless tightly enclosed within the secular fist and it didn’t take lengthy for public amnesia to set in. There was no social media to show the true story.

Nobody remembers the Marad Massacre of May 2003.

The story got here out a lot later: The marauding Muslim mob had inflicted unprovoked aggression in opposition to these hapless Hindus on a Friday, after the night sermons within the mosque. Some commentators speculated that the intent was to create a Gujarat-like riot state of affairs.

Fifty-nine Hindus had been torched alive in that prepare bogey in Godhra. Nine Hindus had been slaughtered in Marad. But a bigger recreation was additionally being performed out in tandem on an even bigger canvas. The Indian Airlines Flight 814 was hijacked by Islamic terrorists and forcibly made to land in Kandahar. Two years later, the Indian Parliament constructing was attacked by the identical Islamists.

Not coincidentally, all these incidents occurred in the course of the regime of prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Barring Marad, the frazzled Vajpayee was made to look weak by a sinister design. When he caved into the Islamists’ calls for within the Kandahar hijack case, an unlimited part of our media and intelligentsia truly gloated that the prime minister of their very own nation was “humbled.” Vile jokes had been concocted about his knee ache — “weak-kneed” was a phrase thrown about in Lutyens’ drawing rooms and editors’ workplaces with undisguised glee. The October 2002 cowl story of Time journal opened with a sadistic litany of his illnesses.

The identical stress ways had been utilized on Vajpayee vis-à-vis the Gujarat riots as effectively: The particular goal was the chief ministerial chair of Narendra Modi. Fortunately, the ways flopped.

Little if something has modified since then. If something, the decadal misrule that the UPA authorities inflicted upon India facilitated the consolidation of the identical deadly forces that had baited Vajpayee. The consolidation has occurred on a world scale on two main fronts: (1) providing beneficiant help for Indians waging battle in opposition to their very own authorities (2) facilitating the strategies, methods and automobiles for truly executing the battle the place it issues: on the bottom. But the deadliest component in each these circumstances is the truth that not like within the Vajpayee period the place these harmful networks operated in stealth, this time round, all bets are off. The civilisational mission of breaking India is being openly marketed and carried out virtually every day.

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The grotesque homicide of Kanhaiya Lal, the doomed tailor of Udaipur, reveals the harmful stage which this phenomenon has touched within the interval that separates Vajpayee and Modi.

While the Friday mosque sermons proceed to stay a potent pressure for mobilising Muslim avenue energy — current examples embody the spate of violence in Kanpur, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh — the murderers of Kanhaiya Lal wanted no such motivation.

The video that his killers, Ghous Mohammad and Riyaz Attari have launched on social media makes for actually chilling viewing. What it exhibits is a psyche seasoned by extraordinary ranges of non secular indoctrination. The video is each an act of satisfaction and defiance. Pride and self-assuredness that the homicide was an act that will please their Prophet — in their very own phrases: “We will live and die for you, our Most Holy Rasool.” Defiance of the legislation — once more in their very own phrases, “Hey Narendra Modi, I pray to Rab (God) that this knife will reach your throat as well.”

Social media and immediate communication have repeatedly confirmed to be extremely efficient instruments for mobilising such freelance Islamist adventurers in addition to for whipping up the plenty as within the case of Shaheen Bagh riots.

The ongoing investigation into Kanhaiya Lal’s homicide additionally reveals that it was Lal’s Muslim neighbour, Nazim, who had circulated the photographs of this poor tailor amongst his “community groups on social media with a message that he should be killed if seen anywhere or if he opens the shop”. In reality, Kanhaiya Lal had earlier pleaded police safety after noticing that “Nazim and five other persons are conducting recce of my shop and not allowing me to open the shop”.

But the brutal story has a perverse antecedent. It was the self-same Nazim who had given a police criticism in opposition to Kanhaiya Lal who had allegedly supported former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma’s assertion on TV. As occurs solely in a realm dominated by Nehruvian secularism, the police had arrested Kanhaiya who was later launched on bail solely to fulfill this gory finish, the chain of occasions triggered as soon as once more by Nazim.


— 3 —

This transports us as soon as once more to acquainted territory. A 2013 MHA report estimated that there was a terror assault on Indian soil averaging one each six weeks. The interval in query: after the Congress-led UPA got here to energy in 2004. It is now straightforward to neglect how in that blighted period, the numbers of Hindus killed numbered in tens if not tons of; bomb blasts had been virtually routine, emboldened by a authorities that was held hostage to the Muslim vote-bank. The 26/11 Islamic battle in opposition to India was the climax which ended with the sacking of house minister Shivraj Patil. “Action was taken.”


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In essence, the UPA authorities was brazenly hedging bets on nationwide safety in service of Muslim appeasement. It had grow to be a prepared apologist for this profitable vote-bank and its minions within the media and elsewhere had been solely too glad to oblige. One of essentially the most disgraceful episodes occurred within the aftermath of the 2006 prepare blasts in Mumbai. While it was clear to the proverbial frequent man that Islamists had been behind them, the apologist brigade miraculously conjured one thing referred to as the “spirit of Mumbai,” a barely-concealed act of misdirection.

As I discussed above, nothing has modified.

While “Maut ka Saudagar” purveyors like Javed Akhtar invoked this “spirit” and took refuge below the acquainted trope that “terror has no religion,” different apologist entrepreneurs made films and held peace marches and memorial providers.

The identical factor is enjoying out even because the ill-fated Kanhaiya Lal’s ashes are nonetheless heat. Not one Muslim notable has unconditionally condemned the heinous homicide. And as earlier than, the secular-liberal institution apologists are busy whipping up…err…extra artistic apologetics.

We are informed by Rana Ayyub, merely, that “this bloodshed needs to stop. The country needs a healing touch.” Like it’s some abstraction involving neither Kanhaiya Lal nor his fanatical murderers.

Then we’re informed by Asaduddin Owaisi that he condemns the “Udaipur incident.” And wastes not a second in reiterating his demand for Nupur Sharma’s arrest.

We are additionally told by none aside from the Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid that Kanhaiya Lal’s homicide was “an act against Islam, unlawful and inhuman…and condemn this act.” Not a phrase of apology.

Meanwhile, the normally eloquent Javed Akhtar has maintained radio silence.

The ever-dependable CNN calls Kanhaiya Lal’s homicide an “alleged killing of a Hindu man by two Muslim assailants.”

The listing of such apologetics is swelling with every tweet and Facebook put up whilst I write this. And the apologists themselves are available in numerous self-painted hues: liberal, secular, free speech absolutists… Arun Shourie has given maybe one of the crucial memorable descriptions of this twisted psyche within the context of M. Hussain’s perverted work, completely of Hindu deities. He calls the psyche “weak to the strong and strong to the weak.”

“It is not freedom… that these worthies are committed to. They are committed to their having freedom alone: can you recall a single liberal protesting against the ban on Ram Swarup’s Understanding Islam Through Hadis? … they are the practitioners of a very special brand of the dialectic: Strong to the weak, Weak to the strong. And that is what the Hindus are noticing…neither the [art] gallery nor the magazine [India Today] spared a thought for the religious sentiments it might offend till the ‘goons’ marched into the gallery, but they had but to march in and the painting was immediately taken down; Hussein was all defiance one day, but the moment some paintings of his were burnt, he was suddenly sorry…”

That was a special period, a current one little question. The story of why MF Hussain fled to Qatar holds important classes for the Hindus of our personal time however that should wait for one more day.

But the intrinsic message from the Godhra train-burning and the Marad bloodbath all the best way as much as Kamlesh Tiwari and Kanhaiya Lal stays the identical because it has remained for the reason that alien Islamic invasions of India: it’s a premeditated civilisational battle that one facet is set to complete in any respect prices. The newest proof comes from the mouth of Kanhaiya Lal’s unapologetic killers: “We will finish this fire.”

And each secular-liberal apologist for this unprovoked battle is an confederate within the ongoing, focused slaughtering of Hindus.

The creator is founder and chief editor, ‘The Dharma Dispatch’. Views expressed are private.

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