Three hardcore Maoists give up earlier than Odisha police

Three hardcore Maoists give up earlier than Odisha police

Three hardcore cadres of the outlawed CPI (Maoist), together with two space committee members, surrendered earlier than the Odisha police on Monday.

All the three left-wing extremists, who hail from Chhattisgarh, belong to the Kodanga-Mahanadi-Sanjukta space committee working beneath the Kandhamal-Kalahandi-Boudh-Nayagarh (KKBN) division of the Odisha State committee of the CPI (Maoist).

The arrested have been recognized as Lakma Madvi, hailing from Bijapur district in Chhattisgarh, and Ganga Madkam and Suka Sodi, each residents of Sukma district.

According to the police, the cadres, who surrendered earlier than Director-General of Police Abhay, have been particularly deployed to resurrect the Mahanadi space committee to activate north Kandhamal and adjoining axis, which have been moribund since 2018 following the neutralisation of Badal, alias Shankar Majhi (divisional committee member), and the give up of one other influential cadre, Kunu Dehury.


“They were also under intense pressure due to intensified police action and intelligence-based operations. They revealed that they preferred to surrender in the light of the appeal of the Chief Minister, Odisha to surrender and join the mainstream society,” the police stated in an announcement.

“I took this opportunity to appeal again that CPI (Maoist) cadres should lay their arms and become partner in the development process. They will be accommodated as per our stated rehabilitation policy,” Mr. Abhay stated.

The police added that the give up of the cadres would land a severe blow to the Maoists’ plan and designs in north Kandhamal and adjoining axis to revive the north Mahanadi hall as much as Saranda of Jharkhand.

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