This Might Be the Prettiest Spiral Galaxy the Hubble Space Telescope Has Ever Captured

Like canines, all galaxies are good galaxies. But there’s simply one thing a couple of spiral galaxy that gladdens my coronary heart. Maybe it is the swirling sense of symmetry. Maybe it is as a result of our own residence Milky Way is a spiral. A brand new Hubble Space Telescope picture of spiral galaxy NGC 1961 is giving me all of the feels.

The scenic spiral is way away at a distance of 180 million light-years within the constellation Camelopardalis, often known as the Giraffe.  


Here’s the total Hubble view:

NGC 1961 in all its glory.

NASA, ESA, J. Dalcanton (University of Washington), R. Foley (University of California – Santa Cruz); Image processing: G. Kober (NASA Goddard/Catholic University of America)

NASA shared the Hubble picture on Wednesday. “Glittering, blue regions of bright young stars dot the dusty spiral arms winding around the galaxy’s glowing center,” the area company stated, exhibiting a aptitude for poetic language.

There are completely different sorts of spiral galaxies. NASA classifies NGC 1961 as an intermediate spiral galaxy. The intermediate designation places it in a grey space between spiral galaxies which have a notable bar of stars at their facilities and those who do not. Check out this instance of a barred galaxy appropriately referred to as the Great Barred Spiral Galaxy.    

NGC 1961 can also be an energetic galactic nuclei (AGN) galaxy. “AGN galaxies have very bright centers that often far outshine the rest of the galaxy at certain wavelengths of light,” stated NASA. “These galaxies likely have supermassive black holes at their cores churning out bright jets and winds that shape their evolution.”    

But again to why I’m so enamored of this galaxy. It’s the glow, the glitter, the slight angle, the swirls, like a cosmic Charybdis posing for a glamor shot. It’s a dream-like picture exhibiting how a telescope can ship a murals each bit as transferring as a superb portray. In quick, it is simply stunning.

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