The film one-liner. It is a staple of writing. Deployed to succinctly underline a scenario, or to launch pressure. It possibly reached its absolute peak within the Eighties when motion motion pictures have been led by characters who reacted to unbelievable conditions the best way we all the time hoped we might, versus how we actually would… which is working away screaming.

In their world, they met the problem head-on, with a grim smile, and a sardonic quip prepared faster than the world’s best humorist coping with a well-refreshed heckler.

And then Arnie says “Stick around!” – it is actually cool…

It has been with us for so long as anybody can bear in mind. Many students think about Rhett Butler, his final phr ases to Scarlett O’Hara outlining his full lack of f*cks, as the primary one-liner. Others level again even earlier. There are so many to select from all through film historical past.


The final king of traditional cool, Sean Connery, as James Bond delivers his verdict on a betrayal.

Matrix implores an overexcited Bennett to maybe think about calming down only a contact.

Blade critiquing Deacon Frost’s talents at winter sports activities.


There are just too many for a single individual to select from. We want the knowledge of crowds. We want the knowledge of our beloved Outposters, who’re sensible and have the type of good style that makes Jonathan Gold look undiscriminating. Your debate for at present is just:

What is the best film one-liner of all time?

Have at it, you magnificent bastards!


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