A Throwback video of Nora Fatehi was a lot of examined via online entertainment. In this video, the notable choreographer contacted the entertainer at some unacceptable spot.

Legacy: Sometimes while moving and now and again truly shows, such occurrences happen that Bollywood courageous women get found out in the Oops Moment. Something almost identical has occurred with Nora Fatehi too. Quite a while in the past Nora Fatehi went to an unscripted TV drama. Where an individual contacted her at some unacceptable spot. Around then this video was a lot of examined via online entertainment.

This Incident Happened in India’s Best Dance Show

This occurrence occurred with Nora Fatehi in the unscripted TV drama ‘India’s Best Dancer’. In this show, something occurred with Nora on the stage that individuals saw this video over and over.

Terence Lewis was misplaced

In this viral video you will see that Geeta Kapoor, Nora Fatehi and Terence Lewis are seen on the stage. Geeta Kapoor is remaining ahead in the video, trailed by Nora Fatehi and Terence Lewis somewhat behind her. These three are kneeling and bowing to somebody with collapsed hands. In the interim, Terence Lewis coincidentally gets his hand on Nora’s back. After which this video was in a great deal of spotlight via online entertainment.


The entertainer didn’t have any idea
Taking a brief look at this viral video, it appears to be that Nora had hardly any familiarity with this touch. Or on the other hand say that she had not responded to anything. Yet, at when this video came via online entertainment, individuals began discussing numerous things.

Urvashi Rautela has likewise turned into a Victim

Before Nora Fatehi, Urvashi Rautela has likewise turned into a casualty of such a mishap. Urvashi had hit up a party. In which Boney Kapoor was remaining close to him. Accidentally, Boney Kapoor’s hand fell on Urvashi’s back. This video was additionally in the titles around then. Albeit the response of the entertainer additionally came after this video.