Sissy Spacek’s Daughter Schuyler Fisk Turned Down Role in Carrie Reboot

Schuyler Fisk, Spacek’s eldest daughter, says reprising her mother’s position as telekinetic teen Carrie White did not really feel proper for a number of causes.

When 1976’s Carrie starring Sissy Spacek premiered, the horror movie was an on the spot hit. Adapted from the novel of the identical title by Stephen King, the critically acclaimed movie adopted the abused, bullied teenager Carrie White (Spacek) as she exacts telekinetic revenge after a merciless highschool prank.

There have been three sequels for the reason that success of the primary movie—The Rage: Carrie 2 in 1999, adopted by a 2002 TV film, and a 2013 big-screen remake starring Chloë Grace Moretz—however earlier than different stars had been forged, Spacek’s daughter was approached to maintain the position within the household. Schuyler Fisk told Yahoo! Entertainment whereas selling her upcoming movie Sam & Katewhich additionally stars Spacek:


“They did approach me. I don’t remember which incarnation it was—I just knew it would be me reprising her role.”

The eldest of Sissy Spacek‘s two daughters, Fisk is a proficient actress and singer in her personal proper, however mentioned she turned down the position of Carrie as a result of it felt like Spacek had executed an impeccable job the primary time round.

“It just didn’t feel like the right thing for so many reasons, so it was never gonna happen. I feel like Carrie is such an epic film as it is, so the idea of ​​trying to do anything else to recreate it just didn’t feel necessary. It was sweet that they thought of me. But it just wasn’t the right thing.”


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Fisk Says She Was Never Worried About Being Compared to Mom Spacek: ‘We’re Both Doing Our Own Thing’

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Fisk’s determination to show down the main position in one other iteration of Carrie is a part of why the Babysitters’ Club actress was by no means involved about being in comparison with her well-known mother. In reality, Fisk says it did not cross her thoughts till others began asking if it anxious her.

“I never really thought about the negatives until I started doing projects. Obviously people are interested about what you’re going to be like based on your parents, so they were like: ‘Aren’t you worried about being compared to your mom? ‘ And I thought, ‘Maybe I am now, because everyone else is!’ But other than that, I just never thought about it. It’s not a competition—we’re both doing our own thing, and being our own people.”

Ultimately, Fisk says that whereas she’s impressed by Spacek and her illustrious profession, she’s not attempting to be a carbon copy of her mom.

“I’m not trying to be my mom, but I definitely have learned a lot from her and respect her career tremendously.”

Written and directed by Darren Le Gallo, Sam & Kate shall be out there on demand and streaming November 18.

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