Shia LaBeouf Admits to Fabricating His Father’s Abuse in Honey Boy: ‘My Dad Never Hit Me’

Shia LaBeouf has been opening up rather a lot currently, whether or not it is about his abusive habits or others. In a stunning flip of occasions, the Transformers star just lately confessed to creating up his father’s abusive actions within the 2019 film Honey Boy,

Shia LaBeouf wrote and starred in Honey Boy, taking part in a personality based mostly on his real-life father, Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf, with Lucas Hedges and Noah Jupe taking part in fictionalized variations of him. Directed by Alma Har’el, Honey Boy additionally starred Maika Monroe, FKA Twigs, Martin Starr, and Natasha Lyonne.

At the time of its launch, Honey Boy was perceived to be semi-autobiographical, with a lot of the plot resembling LaBeouf’s childhood and relationship along with his dad, however it seems the movie took far too many inventive liberties.


While LaBeouf admits his father wasn’t an ideal man and that he did not have essentially the most tender relationship with him rising up, he asserts that there was no abuse concerned, particularly not like that featured in Honey Boy, Here’s what LaBeouf stated on Jon Bernthal’s Real Ones podcast,

“I wrote this narrative, which was just f*****g nonsense. My dad was so loving to me my whole life. Fractured, sure. Crooked, sure. Wonky, for sure. But never was not loving, never was not there. He was always there … and I’d done a world press tour about how f****d he was as a man.”

LaBeouf wrote the script of Honey Boy at a troublesome time in his life — throughout his rehabilitation program — so it is doable his feelings bought the higher of him. However, LaBeouf did write, star in, and promote the movie nonetheless, understanding that it introduced his father negatively and will adversely have an effect on his life and repute (it is not very good anyway, however nonetheless).


“Here’s a man who I’ve done vilified on a grand scale. I turned the knob up on certain s*** that wasn’t real. My dad never hit me, never. He spanked me once, one time. And the story that gets painted in Honey Boy is, this dude is abusing his kid all the time. I wronged him. I remember getting on the phone with him, and him being like, ‘I never read this stuff in the script you sent.’ Because I didn’t put that s–t in there. My dad was going to live with this certain narrative about him on a public scale for a very long time, probably the rest of his life.”

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Shia LaBeouf Is Trying to Own Up to His Past Mistakes

From a career-best efficiency in Honey Boy to being labeled an abuser, Shia LaBeouf’s life took a dramatic flip in 2020 when his former girlfriend, FKA Twigs, accused him of sexual assault. LaBeouf was apologetic on the time however has since denied all, as an alternative blaming his troubled upbringing and alcoholism.

“I hurt that woman,” LaBeouf just lately stated on Jon Bernthal’s Real Ones podcast. “And in the process of doing that, I hurt many other people, and many other people before that woman. I was a pleasure-seeking, selfish, self-centered, dishonest, inconsiderate, fearful human being.”

LaBeouf is presently going through a lawsuit that may go to trial subsequent 12 months. He has additionally discovered religion for the reason that surfaced and is planning an performing comeback with Abel Ferrara’s Padre Pioset to premiere on the 2022 Venice International Film Festival subsequent week.

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