Sadhguru | Gyanvapi masjid row: Twelve issues you might not learn about Shiva linga

Sadhguru | Gyanvapi masjid row: Twelve issues you might not learn about Shiva linga

Understanding the importance and science of Shiva linga on the time of the Gyanvapi masjid controversy

The phrase linga means “the form”. We are calling it “the form” as a result of when the un-manifest started to present itself, or in different phrases when creation started to occur, the primary kind that it took was that of an ellipsoid. A perfect ellipsoid is what we name as a linga. Creation at all times began as an ellipsoid or a linga, after which grew to become many issues. And we all know from our expertise that in case you go into deep states of meditativeness, earlier than a degree of absolute dissolution comes, as soon as once more the vitality takes the type of an ellipsoid or a linga. So, the primary kind is linga and the ultimate kind is linga. The in-between house is creation and what’s past is Shiva.

The phrase “Shiva” actually means “that which is not”. That means nothing. Nothing is a really unfavorable phrase. You would perceive it higher in case you put a hyphen in between: no-thing. That which is, is bodily manifestation. “That which is not” is that which is past the bodily. In India, there are millions of temples that are constructed for “that which is not.” Most of those Shiva temples don’t have a specific deity of any kind. They simply have a consultant kind and usually it’s a linga. The type of a linga is a gap within the cloth of creation. So, the temple is a gap by which you enter into an area which is not. It is a gap by which you’ll fall past.

Nageshvara Jyotirlinga Temple of Lord Shiva in Dwarka. Image courtesy Amit Udeshi/Wikimedia Commons

Today, most temples are built like buying complexes with metal and concrete, and doubtless for a similar function as a result of every thing has change into commerce. When I speak about temples, I’m speaking about the way in which historical temples have been created. In this nation, in historical occasions, temples have been constructed just for Shiva and no person else. It was solely later that the opposite temples got here up as a result of folks began specializing in speedy wellbeing.

The very nature of human notion is such that no matter a human being is concerned with proper now, would be the solely truth for him in his expertise. Right now, most individuals are concerned with the 5 sense organs and that appears to be the one fact, nothing else. Sense organs can solely understand that which is bodily, and since your notion is proscribed to the 5 sense organs, every thing that as life is just physicality: your physique, your thoughts, your emotion and your life energies are bodily. Let’s say, in case you see the bodily existence as a chunk of fabric and you’re strolling on this material. What you’re strolling on is all that’s actual. But whenever you search for, there appears to be an unlimited vacancy above, and even there, you solely acknowledge the bodily; you have a look at a star or a solar or a moon — they’re all bodily. You do not understand what shouldn’t be bodily.

What you name a temple is like placing a gap within the cloth, creating an area the place the bodily turns into skinny, and one thing past turns into seen to you. This science of constructing the bodily much less manifest is the science of consecration, in order that that dimension past the bodily turns into obvious or seen to you if you’re prepared.

Twelve issues you might not learn about Shiva Linga

1. The first and remaining kind: Linga

As we mentioned earlier, the phrase linga means “the form”. We are calling it “the form” as a result of when the un-manifest started to present itself, or in different phrases when creation started to occur, the primary kind that it took was that of an ellipsoid. Creation at all times began as an ellipsoid or a linga, after which grew to become many issues. And in case you go into deep states of meditativeness, earlier than a degree of absolute dissolution comes, as soon as once more the vitality takes the type of an ellipsoid or a linga. So, the primary kind is linga and the ultimate kind is linga.

Sadhguru  Gyanvapi masjid row Twelve things you may not know about Shiva linga

An enormous Shiva Linga situated close to the Laxmi Narasimha statue at Hampi. Image courtesy Sandip Dey/Wikimedia Commons

You are the firstborn

The first expression of the cosmic vacancy

The clever ones spied you

To be the supply of all this energetic mischief

You are the supply of all ache and pleasure

You are the bottom and the best

Ah, the video games that you simply play

The multitude of varieties for which you’re the supply

Are neither this nor that

I wormed by creation

To uncover you and me

O’ Ishana essentially the most wonderful kind

Blessed is Isha to be your abode

2. Consecrating a Linga

With the mandatory expertise, easy house, even a chunk of stone may be made into divine exuberance. This is the phenomenon of consecration. Pratishtha means consecration. The most typical type of consecration is by utilizing mantras, rituals and different kinds of processes. If you consecrate a kind by mantras, it wants fixed upkeep and rituals to maintain the deity alive. Prana Pratishtha shouldn’t be like that. Once a kind is consecrated by life energies, not with mantras or rituals, it’s eternally and desires no upkeep. That is the explanation why there are not any pujas in Dhyanalinga; it doesn’t want that upkeep. It is consecrated by prana pratishtha. It will at all times be like that. Even in case you take away the stone a part of the linga, it’ll nonetheless be like that. If the entire world involves an finish, that kind will nonetheless stay.

3. Linga-Making: A subjective science

The science of linga-making is a big experiential chance and has been there for 1000’s of years. But within the final eight or 9 hundred years, particularly when the Bhakti motion swept the nation, the science of constructing a temple received washed away. For a devotee, nothing is necessary besides his emotion. His path is emotion. It is just from the power of his emotion that he does every thing. So they only stored the science apart and began constructing temples whichever method they appreciated. It is a love affair, ?

bhakta can do no matter he desires. Anything is honest with him as a result of the one factor he has is the power of his emotion. Because of this, the science of constructing lingas receded. Otherwise, it was a really deep science. This is a really subjective science, and it was by no means written down as a result of in case you write it down, will probably be fully misunderstood. Many lingas have been created like this, with none data of the science.

4. Lingas of the Pancha Bhutas Sthalas

The most elementary sadhana in yoga is bhuta shuddhi. The pancha bhutas are the 5 parts in nature. If you have a look at your self, your bodily physique is made up of 5 parts. These are earth, hearth, wind, water, and house. They come collectively in a sure strategy to change into the physique. The religious course of is about going past the bodily and 5 parts. These parts have an enormous grip on every thing that you simply expertise. To transcend them, the elemental observe of yoga entails what is named bhuta shuddhi. For each factor that’s concerned, there’s a sure observe you are able to do to change into free from it.


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In south India, 5 magnificent temples have been constructed, every with a linga representing one of many pancha bhutas. If you need to do sadhana for the factor of water, you go to Thiruvanaikaval. For house, you go to Chidambaram; Air, Kalahashasti; Earth, Kanchipuram and Fire, Thiruvannamalai. These temples have been created as locations for sadhana, not for worship.

Sadhguru  Gyanvapi masjid row Twelve things you may not know about Shiva linga

Five Elements or Pancha Bhutas. Illustration courtesy

5. Jyotirlingas

Indian tradition has been among the many few cultures on this planet the place for 1000’s of years, the entire inhabitants was centered solely on the final word wellbeing of the human being. The second you have been born in India, your life was not about your small business, your spouse, your husband or your loved ones; your life was solely about mukti. The complete society was structured like this.

In this context, many sorts of highly effective gadgets have been created on this tradition. Jyotirlingas have been created as very highly effective instruments on this route. It is a strong expertise to be within the presence of such varieties.

Jyotirlingas have large energy as a result of they have been consecrated and created in a sure method, not simply utilizing human capabilities, however the forces of nature. There are solely twelve Jyotirlingas. They are situated at sure geographically and astronomically vital factors. These factors are topic to sure forces within the existence. A very long time in the past, folks with a sure stage of notion very fastidiously calibrated these areas and stuck these factors based on the celestial motion.


Some of the Jyotirlingas are now not “alive”, however a lot of them are nonetheless very highly effective instruments.

6. Mahakala: The final time machine

Shi-va actually means “that which is not” or no-thing. The hyphen is necessary. It is within the lap of huge no-thingness that creation occurred. Over 99 % of the atom and the cosmos is, in actual fact, vacancy — merely no-thing. The one phrase, Kala, is used for time and house and one of many personifications of Shiva is Kala Bhairava. Kala Bhairava is a vibrant state of darkness, however when he turns into completely nonetheless, he turns into Mahakala, the final word time machine.

Sadhguru  Gyanvapi masjid row Twelve things you may not know about Shiva linga

Mahakaleshwar Jyothir Linga. Image courtesy Lifeseekslight/Wikimedia Commons

The Mahakala temple in Ujjain is an extremely consecrated house, this highly effective manifestation is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Raw and forceful, it’s out there for all these searching for final dissolution — the annihilation of time as we all know it.

The religious course of anyplace on the planet is at all times about transcending the bodily as a result of kind is topic to cycles. Kala Bhairava is seen, due to this fact, because the Destroyer of Ignorance: He who shatters the compulsive cycles of beginning and dying, being and non-being.

7. Lingas worldwide

There was no enlightened being who didn’t speak about Shiva, within the sense of a boundless dimension or one thing past bodily nature. The solely distinction is they might have expressed it within the language and symbolism of their area.

However, due to very aggressive methods of spreading faith all over the world within the final 1,500 years, many of the nice cultures of the previous, like the traditional Mesopotamian civilisation, the Central Asian civilisations, and the North African civilisations, have disappeared. So it’s not very seen anymore, however in case you look deeper into historical past, it was in every single place. So, ultimately, mystical sciences was current in each tradition. But within the final 1,500 years, they have been largely misplaced in different elements of the world.

8. Lingas are made of various supplies

Lingas which have fashioned naturally are known as the self-created or svayambhu-lingas. There is a collapse Amarnath, within the northern state of Jammu. Inside the cave, a Shiva linga of ice is fashioned yearly. The linga is fashioned naturally by the stalagmite that drips from the roof of the cave. It is sort of magical to see water droplets trickling slowly from the highest of the cave and freezing into ice once they fall.

Some lingas are carved out of rock, wooden, or gems; others are moulded out of clay, sand or steel. These are pratishtith-lingas. Many lingas are lined by a steel sheath and given a face in order that the devotee can relate higher. These are mukhalingas. Some even have all the picture of Shiva carved on the floor.

Lingas characterize the union of the masculine and the female. The female base is known as Gowripeetam or Avudaiyar. The linga and the bottom collectively signify the union of Shiva and Shakti, the masculine and female energies.

9. The Linga: A Guru

As the vitality states addressed by yoga should not throughout the purview of the 5 senses, the steering of a Guru is often wanted to expertise these interior states. Many relationships depend on psychological, emotional and bodily bonding, however the master-disciple relationship is exclusive in that it’s energy-based.

Modern science, as a result of its whole dependence on the 5 senses, has privileged an empirical or rational strategy to the method of analysis or searching for, limiting itself to the extra pedestrian powers of the human thoughts. Modern schooling has echoed this strategy, ignoring and neglecting the receptive potential of the person. In this local weather, there’s nice scepticism concerning the means of a Guru to own perception that goes past rationality. Yet, all through historical past, the seeker has repeatedly been intuitively drawn to a Guru. To fulfil this urge for religious steering, some visionary Gurus have created vitality centres that replicate the Guru’s presence and vitality.

The Dhyanalinga is the prime manifestation of the Guru. It is the instilled essence of the yogic sciences, a manifestation of interior energies at their peak.

10. Shiva Linga because the cosmic pillar

The story goes, Brahma and Vishnu as soon as got here throughout a fantastic pillar of fireplace. From this endless column of effulgence emanated the sound, Aum. Awed, they determined to analyze. Taking the type of a swan, Brahma rose excessive into the blue skies in pursuit of its summit. Taking the type of a boar, Vishnu bored his method deep into the universe in pursuit of its base.

Both failed. For this cosmic pillar was none aside from Shiva himself. How can one measure the immeasurable? When Vishnu returned, he conceded defeat. However, not eager to admit failure, Brahma boasted that he had scaled the summit. As proof, he offered a white ketaki flower that he claimed to search out on high.

No sooner was the lie uttered, Shiva appeared as Adiyogi (the primary yogi). The two gods fell at his toes. For this lie, Shiva declared, Brahma would henceforth be disadvantaged of the privilege of worship. The flower, by changing into confederate to this subterfuge, fell from grace. Adiyogi refused henceforth to simply accept it as an providing. However, an exception was made for the holy night time of Mahashivratri. To at the present time, the white ketaki flower is obtainable for worship solely on this darkest night time within the yr, thought of to be the night time of profound religious chance.

11. The Dhyanalinga

“Dhyana” in Sanskrit means “meditation” and “linga” means “form”. I take advantage of my very own life energies by a mystical course of known as prana-pratishtha to consecrate the linga to its highest peak. In this course of, all seven chakras (most important vitality centres within the physique) have been energised to the very peak and locked, making it just like the vitality physique of the best or most advanced being.

Sadhguru  Gyanvapi masjid row Twelve things you may not know about Shiva linga

Ellipsoidal dome of Dhyanalinga. Image courtesy Balajijagadesh/Wikimedia Commons

Demanding no worship or prayer, this meditation shrine recognises all religions as expressions of 1 widespread supply.

You are my Guru’s will

My solely obsession

In my goals and my wakefulness

My solely longing was to fulfil you

Willing to do something

That males ought to and shouldn’t

Willing to supply myself and

Another hundred lives if want be

Here now that you’ve got occurred

O’ Glorious one

May your Glory and Grace

Stir the sleeping hordes

Into wakefulness and light-weight

Now that you’ve got occurred

And the present of life nonetheless with me

What shall I do with myself

Have lived the peaks for too lengthy

Time to graze the valleys of life.

12. Lingas characterize Chakras

Chakras are a gathering level for the vitality system, the place the pranic nadis meet to create an vitality vortex. There are 114 chakras, however usually, after we say “chakras” we’re referring to the seven necessary chakras, which characterize seven dimensions of life. They are like seven main site visitors junctions.

Right now, many of the lingas in India characterize one or two chakras on the most. The uniqueness of the Dhyanalinga on the Isha Yoga Centre is that each one the seven chakras are energised and established at their peak. It is the best potential manifestation, within the sense that in case you take vitality and push it as much as very excessive ranges of depth, it may possibly maintain kind solely to a sure level. Beyond that, it turns into formless. If it turns into formless, persons are incapable of experiencing it.

Pushing the vitality to the best level past which there shall be no kind, and crystallising it at that time – that is how Dhyanalinga has been consecrated.

Ranked amongst the fifty most influential folks in India, Sadhguru is a yogi, mystic, visionary and a New York Times bestselling writer. He has been conferred the Padma Vibhushan by the Government of India in 2017, the best annual civilian award, accorded for distinctive and distinguished service.

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