‘Rick and Morty’ Bethic Twinstinct Ending Explained: What’s With the Wine Cabinet?

Rick and Morty is all for pushing the envelope and the most recent episode of season 6 — Bethic Twinstinct — safely met the transient. Space Beth and Beth spend some high quality time collectively, going all in on the thought of self-exploration. The remainder of the household? They’re preoccupied with the thought of avoidance.

It all performs out in really sudden methods, earlier than Rick proves as soon as once more that he is all the time a step forward of everyone else. Let’s talk about that ultimate second involving a sure wine decanter within the spoiler-packed part beneath.

Warning: Spoilers forward.

What does Rick do with the Venusian wine?

After Space Beth, Beth and Jerry resolve their points in a surprisingly loving approach, Space Beth hops in her spaceship and zooms off. Jerry says, “Well, seems like we all learned a little lesson this weekend. At least I know I did.”

Rick’s response? “Me too, Jerry. Me too.”

We then lower to Rick retrieving the flamboyant crimson Venusian (from Venus) wine decanter from the kitchen sink. He unpockets a distant and clicks it to disclose a secret alien cupboard hidden contained in the window. It’s full of varied objects, together with what seems to be like a big phial holding a miniature Morty. Rick locations the decanter inside and closes the cupboard, earlier than chucking the distant within the sink’s rubbish disposal unit and grinding it up.

Why did Rick destroy the distant to the hidden cupboard?

Space Beth and Beth shared the Venusian wine earlier than they fell in love. Venus is a Roman goddess who was “identified by the Romans with the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite,” in keeping with Encyclopedia Britannica. Potentially the Venusian wine is a love potion. Rick destroying the distant and thus eradicating entry to the wine implies Rick believed it was the wine which amplified Space Beth and Beth’s affection for one another, resulting in them falling in love.

When Rick says he additionally discovered a lesson, he seems to be referring to the lesson of not permitting the Venusian wine to get into anybody’s palms once more — particularly on Thanksgiving.


Other theories

Time to take a position about who initially owned the wine and why it was on supply on the Smith’s Thanksgiving.

At the start of the episode, Morty units up a GamePod XL gaming console on the household TV. The “most realistic video game console ever” was a present from Space Beth. Potentially Space Beth additionally introduced the Venusian wine as a present. She definitely appears to know at the least just a little about it.

Like Beth, Space Beth says she will get “insecure trying to pronounce this crap too,” referring to the pronunciation of “Venusian.” She already has an answer: a tool inserted by way of the neck that enables the person to talk French, aka Venusian (in keeping with Space Beth). In a nutshell, it seems Space Beth is aware of Venus and probably the wine.

This implies she’s conscious of the consequences of the wine. Space Beth, Beth, Jerry and Rick all drink crimson wine firstly of the episode. Jerry offers an sudden speech warning he’ll commit suicide if Beth ever cheated on him. One darkish studying of this: Space Beth tried to kill Jerry by seducing Beth utilizing the wine, thus driving Jerry to suicide.

On the flip aspect, the wine may also have been meant as a way to convey the household nearer collectively for Thanksgiving. Maybe Rick provided it not figuring out how highly effective a love drug it might be. He appears to simply accept Beth and Space Beth’s relationship, however warns Beth to not spin too many secrets and techniques round it.

The lesson Rick may need discovered: The wine is way too harmful a love drug and may trigger an uncommon relationship between his son-in-law, his daughter and his area daughter.

He may also have discovered to destroy entry to the Venusian wine so Space Beth cannot come up with it.

Mind fried sufficient?

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