Ram Navami to Hanuman Jayanti: Here’s why Hindu festivals face wave of assaults

After the appearance of Narendra Modi in 2014, with a resurgence of Hindu nationalism, the assaults on Hindu festivals have turn out to be much more orchestrated and at totally different ranges

A police patrol get together in Raniganj, Burdwan, have been clashes and incidents of arson have been reported following a Ram Navami procession. PTI

Everyday Hinduness has only a few overt markers. Most Hindus go about their lives with out praying a number of instances a day, occupying public areas to take action, visiting temples typically, enjoying sermons or requires union on loudspeakers, or carrying tilak and suchlike. There aren’t any rituals like circumcision, sporting beards and carrying garments in a sure option to set Hindus aside from the remainder of humanity or burn the imprint of the neighborhood into their collective reminiscence.

Most Hindus could be indistinguishable in a cosmopolitan crowd.

Then what brings the neighborhood collectively?

What makes Manipur stay for hundreds of years with Gujarat, or Kashmir with Kerala, or Bengal with Maharashtra as a civilisation and a nation?

What makes folks of such variety stand as much as defend this sacred geography in a conflict?

What binds India?

The cultural and religious oneness of this historic land is the superglue of this nation and civilisation. That cultural unity of their Indian folks is Hinduness, whichever faith one might apply.

And this Hinduness is manifested not in imposed oddities on teams and people. The expression of this oneness occurs via festivals. The collective pleasure and the invisible religious vibrations of festivals carry India collectively, raise its psychological well being, give it infinite resilience to outlive invasions, genocide and essentially the most brutal persecution and rise in glory once more. No tyrant has been in a position to decapitate the spirit of festivals in Indians. Not that they haven’t tried.

Muslim invaders and Mughals particularly made it a degree to destroy hundreds of temples, which have been the centres not simply of spirituality but in addition of studying, commerce, and varied different social, cultural and financial actions. From Noakhali riots of 1946 which began on Kojagari Lakshmi Puja to Comilla violence of 2021 throughout Durga Puja, Bangladeshi Hindus have suffered uncountable assaults throughout their festivals.


The newest wave of assaults on Hindu festivals throughout states is not any totally different. There is a thousand-year continuity within the thought course of. Hit that which brings Hindus and India collectively: their celebrations. Hit their festivals which carry to life their universe-embracing, religious and peaceable lifestyle. Leave them with nothing to attract pleasure and unity from.

The smoke from the petrol bombs, clanging of swords and blood on stones from Ram Navami final week haven’t but pale and we’ve got the wanton violence and assault on a Hanuman Jayanti procession at Delhi’s Jahangirpuri. Again, swords have been out, the police have been shot at, and stones and glass have been thrown on the procession.

No riot occurs with out planning. Who are the brains and moneybags behind these assaults? Who are they? Are they from outdoors this nation or inside? That is for the police and investigating companies to search out out.

But is it a coincidence that after the appearance of Narendra Modi in 2014, with a resurgence of Hindu nationalism, the assaults on Hindu festivals have turn out to be much more orchestrated and at totally different ranges?

Ram Navami to Hanuman Jayanti Heres why Hindu festivals face wave of attacks

(File) Prime Minister Narendra Modi takes half in ‘Bhoomi Pujan’ for the development of Shree Ram Janmabhoomi Mandir, in Ayodhya. PTI

There is uncooked mob violence. Then there may be judicial activism in opposition to firecrackers on Diwali or bull races throughout Jallikattu. There is social activism in opposition to enjoying with watercolours throughout Holi. Influencers and celebs, who do nothing with cash or PR mileage, get activated earlier than Hindu festivals to run these down.

Clearly, Hindu festivals are essential for faceless forces working in opposition to India. Because that’s one positive option to break the joie de vivre and the binding spirit of this nation.

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