PC and Tablet Shipments Expected to Fall Through 2023, IDC Forecasts

Shipments of PCs and tablets will decline in 2022 and once more in 2023, earlier than beginning to develop once more, the International Data Corporation stated in a forecast launched Thursday. IDC expects PC shipments to say no 12.8% and pill shipments to say no 6.8% this 12 months. It expects a decline of one other 2.6% in 2023 throughout the 2 classes earlier than shipments start to extend once more in 2024.

“Inflation, a weakening global economy, and the surge in buying over the past two years are the leading causes for the reduced outlook,” in accordance with IDC’s report.

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Shipments have been down this 12 months. In July, IDC reported that second quarter shipments of PCs had been down 15.3% in comparison with the second quarter of 2021. In 2021, PC shipments reached their highest ranges in 10 years. Despite the decline this 12 months, shipments are nonetheless above pre-pandemic ranges.

IDC counts desktop computer systems, notebooks and workstations as PCs.

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