Pakistani Foreign Minister’s heavy bullying on Israel, Anchor stops Speaking

Shah Mahmood Qureshi On Israel: Pakistan's foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi was extremely insulted for his anti-Israel comment. Qureshi alleged without evidence that Israel is controlling the media.

akistani Foreign Minister's heavy bullying on Israel
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Islamabad: The disreputable Pakistani minister, monarch Mahmood Qureshi, for his daring, became extremely affronted in America. Pakistani minister monarch Mehmood Qureshi, World Health Organization arrived within us to surround Israel at the international organization, gave a live interview to the television station CNN.

In this, Qureshi used street imprint language against Israel while no concrete proof. The anchor of CNN gave him a shovel. The video of this whole incident is currently going infectious agent on social media. Let’s understand the entire matter.

In an associate interview with CNN anchor Bianna Golodaryaga, the Pakistani minister aforementioned, “Israel is losing.” Even once his relations, he’s losing within the media war. ‘ At this, Bianna asked what reasonably relationship you’re talking concerning. To this, Qureshi replied, “Hahaha assets.” The Pakistani minister is aforementioned that the Israelis square measure terribly effective and that they square measure dominant the media.

‘I take into account this to be associate anti-Semitic comment’

Bianna encircled Qureshi’s racist statement associated aforementioned ‘I take into account it an anti-Semitic comment’. once Bianna encircled Qureshi, he started voice communication that there’s such a perception concerning the media. After this, once the CNN anchor raised the difficulty of atrocities against Uygar Muslims in China, he started wanting into the difficulty. Qureshi aforementioned that he wouldn’t comment in public concerning it.


After this, the Pakistani minister tried to push the difficulty towards the geographic areas. Qureshi is currently being trolled on social media for his statement. Earlier, Qureshi appealed to the international organization council to prevent violence in Palestine. He aforementioned that the time has come back once it’s aforementioned that enough is enough. Qureshi arrived within us together with his Turkish minister.