Natti Kumar says RGV owes him crores, RGV hits again – Telugu News –

Natti Kumar has ensured that the theatrical launch of ‘Maa Ishtam’/’Dangerous’ is stalled. On Thursday, the financier-producer alleged that Ram Gopal Varma owes him Rs 5.29 Cr.

“I collaborated with RGV for 20 years. He owes me crores of rupees. He told me he will repay the loan Rs 50 lakh at a time before the release of his movies. He later said that he will give me Rs 10 lakh. But he has not honored the promise and went ahead with the release formalities of ‘Dangerous’. That’s why I applied for the stay,” Natti stated. In the previous, he additionally bought a keep on the discharge of ‘Ladki’, additionally an RGV movie.


On his half, RGV stated that his authorized group will reply Natti. “I really wonder if Natti Kumar has done anything worthwhile in his life aside from hurling criticisms by holding pressers,” RGV stated.

RGV clarified that ‘Maa Ishtam’/’Dangerous’ has been postponed not as a result of Natti went to the courtroom requesting a keep on its launch. “I won’t be addressing Natti in the future. I won’t talk about him any longer,” Varma added.

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