Narendra Modi at Global Citizen Live: From erasing scars of COVID-19 to music as muse, PM vows to finish poverty, heal local weather

Modi highlighted that one of the crucial urgent issues plaguing India was poverty and with out assuaging it no worthwhile progress might be made

Prime minister Narendra Modi on the Global Citizen Live programme. Twitter/@PMOIndia

Addressing the Global Citizen Live programme on Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi touched upon numerous features of progress, improvement and restoration of the ravages left behind by the COVID-19


Fight in opposition to COVID-19

Modi identified that for 2 years now, humanity is battling a once-in-a-lifetime world pandemic.

“For almost two years now, humanity is battling a once in a lifetime global pandemic. Our shared experience of fighting the pandemic has taught us – we are stronger and better when we are together,” the prime minister mentioned in a video message.

Homes for all

Prime Minister Modi additional highlighted that one of the crucial urgent issues plaguing India was poverty and with out assuaging it no worthwhile progress might be made.

“About 30 million houses have been built for the homeless across cities and villages in India. A roof over the head gives people dignity. Another mass movement taking place in India is to provide drinking water connection to every household,” he mentioned, including that, the federal government is spending over a trillion {dollars} for next-generation infrastructure.

“For several months last year and now, free food grains have been provided to 800 million Indian citizens. This and several other efforts will give strength to the fight against poverty. We saw glimpses of this collective spirit when our COVID-19 warriors, docs, nurses, medical workers gave their finest to defeat the pandemic,” he mentioned.

Caring for the setting

Prime Minister Modi cautioned that the specter of local weather change is looming massive earlier than us and the world wanted to simply accept that any change within the world setting first begins with the self.

“The simplest and the most successful way to mitigate climate change is to lead lifestyles that are in harmony with nature. Mahatma Gandhi is one of the greatest environmentalists of the world. He led a zero-carbon footprint lifestyle. In whatever he did, he put the welfare of our planet above everything else. He highlighted the doctrine of trusteeship – meaning we all are trustees of the planet, with the duty of caring for it,” Modi mentioned, highlighting the Father of the Nation’s beliefs.

“Today, India is the only G20 nation that is on track with its Paris commitments. India is also proud to have brought the world together under the banner of the International Solar Alliance and Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure,” he mentioned.

Development of humankind

The prime minister reiterated that he believed in the event of India for the event of humankind.

He mentioned poverty can’t be fought by making the poor extra depending on governments. “Poverty can be fought when the poor start seeing governments as trusted partners. Trusted partners who will give them the enabling infrastructure to forever break the vicious circle of poverty,” he opined.

The Global Citizen Movement

The Global Citizen Movement makes use of music and creativity to carry the world collectively. Music, like sports activities, has an inherent potential to unite.

Vedas to encourage

The prime minister signed off in fashion by quoting the Rig Vedas as he sought to outline humanity via unity.

“Let us move forward together speaking in one voice. Let our minds be in agreement and let us share what we, like the Gods have, share with each other. Let us have a shared purpose and shared minds. Let us pray for such unity. Let us have shared intentions and aspirations that unify us all. May we keep working together for a kind, just and inclusive planet,” mentioned Modi to finish his speech and let hope flourish.

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