Nagaon SP Anand Mishra becomes a real-life hero against Criminals Reports
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Nagaon district of Assam has become very tricky. Because there is a Police officer at Nagaon SP Anand Mishra becomes a real-life hero against criminals. Anand Mishra is a very strict and very honest Police officer. He is becoming a very popular IPS officer in the whole state of Assam. Yes, you have heard right about Nagaon District which middle is Assam. There can not be any crime as drug mafia, rape, murder, etc.

Ever since Anand Mishra has come to be the Nagaon SP, the drug mafia murderer has flown the glory of Criminal. Now any land mafia drugs mafia IPS officer i.e. Nagaon District SP Anand Mishra’s name, the senses, sleep, sleep are all destroyed.

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SP Anand Mishra transferred from Dhubri to Nagaon District. While taking the transfer, Nagaon’s SP Anand Mishra told to Dhubri people that “Dhubri will always be in my heart, and all the memories and good times will always be in my heart. All be safe.”

How to Nagaon SP Anand Mishra becomes a real-life hero against Criminals

With the responsibility on his shoulder, his first duty was to help the people who came from outside the state to be trapped in the Nagaon. They helped all by meeting the trapped people.

Nagaon Anand Mishra’s first step to arrest the drug mafia. Arrested drug trader criminal Sirajul from the Kadumoni villages of Batadraba. This was the first step against drug criminals.

Big Most Wanted Drugs Mafia Monsur Ali Arrested by Nagaon Police

Recently Campaigning against drug mafia Monsur Ali at Nagaon Katimari. Monsur tried to escape but the police had surrounded him. But unsuccess, Monsur wants to gunfire against police and also Fire from the police side to catch drug mafia Monsur and he has injured. Finally, the Police arrested the drug mafia Mansoor and sent him to Nagaon Civil Hospital for treatment. One 9mm pistol and some brown sugar recovered from Monsur Ali.


Nagaon SP Anand Mishra told the media that “They should our intense actioned. We will take as much action as we want to take. Nagaon Should be drug-free. This work of ours will remain like this till the last“.

Mansoor Ali is a very convicted criminal. There are also many murder cases on top of this. There is a lot of public panic for him. He is a drug Wholesaler. He supplied drugs to many places.

Police Plan to Arrest Monsur Ali

The police had started the operation a week before to catch the Most Wanted criminal Monsur Ali but every time it failed. They searched his house for 4 days and still could not be found.

The police have been doing hi for 3 days to catch the mantra but have failed but today according to a secrete agent this evening, the police set up Mansoor Ali’s house to find him when he was still at home. As soon as he saw the police, he tried to show the part of a 9 mm pistol and at the same time the police fired on his leg and injured him and he could not escape from the house. There is one more thing in this, 1 day before the police searched his house but he was not found, then the police brought his wife to the police station with some money.

The Nagaon SP has a huge success against the drug mafia, for this Nagaon SP Anand Mishra becomes a real-life hero against Criminals. he also becoming very popular among the people.