Nagaon SP Anand Mishra IPS Transferred to Assam Police HQ – What was Wrong?

Nagaon SP Anand Mishra becomes a real-life hero against Criminals Reports
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In a considerable department, Nagaon SP Anand Mishra IPS got on Wednesday night transferred to Assam Police Headquarters.

” Anand Mishra, IPS, SP, Nagaon is moved as well as affixed to Assam Police HQ Ulubari until additional order. He stands launched with immediate impact,” claimed an alert released by the residence division.

The town cops superintendent and IPS officer Anand Mishra has actually been transferred to the head office of Assam Authorities. The IPS police officer was embroiled in a controversy over an encounter that took place on January 22. Pradeep Bania, a pupil leader of the Anti-Narcotics Team set up by the Superintendent of Police to regulate criminal activity in Nagaon, was shot dead by a trainee leader called Kirtikmal Bara.

Later, Chief Minister Dr Himanta Bishwa Sharma developed a committee headed by Added Principal Assistant Pawan Barthakur to explore the matter. The report submitted by the committee constituted by the Chief Minister had actually likewise located the Anti-Narcotics Team of Nagaon Cops guilty. Pradeep Bania was put on hold as well as the anti-narcotics team was disbanded as well as each member was bought to be changed.

Adhering to the event, Nagaon Superintendent of Police Anand Mishra was required by a number of resistance political leaders in the state to take disciplinary action. Ultimately, Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Bishwa Sharma routed the transfer of Nagaon Superintendent of Police Anand Mishra to the Assam Police Headquarters. Now, for the first time, Chief Minister Himanta Bishwa Sharma is talking about the transfer of Anand Mishra.

The Chief Minister has stated that he has nothing to do with the case of Kirti Kamal Bara. The query committee has actually not released any kind of record versus Anand Mishra. Yet it would certainly not benefit the media to turn nose up at the report of the questions committee. The authorities must always be with innocent people. Stringent activity should be taken against the transgressor. However, our initiatives will certainly be in vain if we are to be challenging on the offenders and tough on the common man. ‘


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The Chief Minister additionally claimed, “Police must refrain from doing anything to innocent people. Even if you are insulted, pay attention to a couple of disrespects. Moi Thana, obtain SP, understand Moi Team. ‘

Dhruba Bora, ASP, Nagaon (HQ) has actually been given the short-term fee of SP of the district to look after the present duties until additional order, stated the alert.

The advancement came hrs after SP Mishra addressed a press conference in Nagaon alleging that former students’ leader Kirti Kamal Bora, who was wounded in police firing, was discovered with a medicine smuggler.

It is to be kept in mind that the IPS officer that signed up with Nagaon in the month of Might 2021 gained popularity of Nagaon Surge in an extremely short span of time. After the merging, there was a substantial reaction amongst the Nagaon Surge following the transfer of Anand Mishra, among the most infamous criminal arrests in Nagaon and the many experiences that shook the criminal globe of Nagaon. Considering that the day he joined, the anti-drug project in Nagaon has actually not had the ability to be thought about as a substitute for the cops.