Mukul Roy Bring Back To Trinomol: Mamata Banerjee Led ‘Op Prodigal Return’| Kolkata News

Mukul Roy Bring Back To Trinomol: Mamata Banerjee Led 'Op Prodigal Return'| Kolkata News

Kolkata: The ghar wapsi, or homecoming, of Mukul Roy, is a component of the Trinamool’s strategy to strike whereas the iron is hot. The objective – to demolish the BJP in a geographical region, wherever it still has eighteen Lok Sabha MPs, prior to the 2024 national election, which is simply two-and-a-half years away.

To accomplish this objective, and chart out its future course, the Trinamool  Congress is keen to capitalize on the anti-BJP sentiment within the state at this moment.

The operation for the ‘return of the prodigals’, as it were, was prime secret. each Trinamool Congress and people being courted are tight-lipped. Also read | Yogi Adityanath To Meeting with PM Modi For Amid Tumult UP

Today it wasn’t simply the senior Roy United Nations Party that came to the Trinamool fold; his son, Subhranshu Roy – a former Trinamool MLA United Nations agency joined the BJP, contested the election and lost – conjointly came.

The Trinamool is additionally encouraging the come of others, together with former minister Rajib Banerjee and former MLAs Prabir Ghoshal of Uttarpara and Sarala Murmu of Malda, despite all 3 losing their individual electoral races.

Some sitting BJP MLAs are possible to search out their method back to the mothership.

Sources say the party desires to interrupt off as huge a piece of the BJP because it presumably will – maybe even larger than the piece the BJP poor before the election.


The Trinamool had actively wooed Mukul Roy.

Mamata Banerjee signaled it even within the run-up to the Assembly election at a public rally, wherever she said: “Mukul Roy isn’t as dangerous as Suvendu Adhikari”.

Mr Adhikari, of course, is that the newest high-profile ex-Trinamool recruit to the BJP; AN ex-Mamata Banerjee aide with whom the opposition invested heavily in hopes of a spectacular election win.

Unfortunately for the BJP, his personal persuade Mamata Banerjee from Nandigram was the sole bright spot in AN otherwise fateful outing.

Last week Abhishek Banerjee – Ms. Banerjee’s kinsman and also the new General Secretary of the Trinamool – visited the hospital wherever adult male Roy’s married woman is being treated for COVID-19.

Mr Roy, United Nations agency was Trinamool General Secretary once he quit to affix the BJP – and adult male Banerjee did not quite see eye-to-eye within the past, and his visit was a headline-maker.

Mr Banerjee conjointly met adult male Roy’s son, Subhranshu, whereas at the hospital. subsequently meeting, Subhranshu Roy waxed articulate concerning Abhishek Banerjee’s gesture.

Bengal BJP chief Dilip Ghosh conjointly visited the hospital – once Abhishek Banerjee’s visit and once reports prime BJP leaders afterward phoned Mukul Roy to enquire once his married woman – however, that, it seems, was insufficient too late.