Manmohan did higher job than Modi, say KCR; BJP hits again

Describing Narendra Modi as a “failed Prime Minister,” Bharat Rashtra Samithi president and Telangana chief minister Ok Chandrasekhar Rao mentioned that the nation had fallen from “frying pan to fire” after folks voted the Bharatiya Janata Party to energy by defeating the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance authorities.

Replying to the talk on the Appropriation Bill within the state meeting on the final day of the state price range session, KCR, because the chief minister is understood, mentioned “Modi proved to be the most inefficient Prime Minister the country had ever witnessed”.

“In fact, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had done a better job than Modi. The former never boasted about his achievements and went about his job quietly. Yet, people voted for Modi hoping that he would provide a much better rule, but it was like falling from a frying pan to fire,” he mentioned.

Quoting from a e-book “The Lost Decade” written by journalist Puja Mehra, KCR mentioned in the course of the Modi regime, the nation fared poorly throughout all sectors; but, the federal government was boasting of successes that had been by no means achieved.

He mentioned had the Manmohan Singh regime continued, Telangana’s GSDP (Gross State Domestic Product) would have been 16 lakh crore as in opposition to the current 13 lakh crore. “Because of the inefficient rule of the BJP, the state had lost 3 lakh crore”, he mentioned.

KCR described the Modi authorities’s objective of India attaining a US $5 trillion economic system by 2023-24 a “joke” and “silly.” That US $5 trillion economic system goals itself could be very much less; however even it appears to be like unimaginable now, as solely US $3.5 trillion was achieved,” he mentioned.

Stating that the per capita earnings of a nation reveals the actual story, KCR mentioned out of 192 international locations, India was on the 139th place by way of per capita earnings, whereas even Bangladesh, Bhutan and Sri Lanka had been far forward. “There should have been a debate on this issue in the Parliament but unfortunately, the BJP bulldozes members from other parties,” he mentioned.

The chief minister lashed out at Modi for not uttering a single phrase over the Adani challenge within the Parliament. Referring to “The Economist” journal’s story on the humbling of Gautam Adani being a take a look at for Indian capitalism, KCR mentioned the M had delivered the “most disgusting” speech within the Parliament.


“The Life Insurance Corporation had invested a lot in the company and ever since the scam broke out, billions had evaporated. The entire nation was keen to know what the Centre would do on the Adani issue, but Modi skirted the topic in his speech. There was no assurance, no mention of constituting a committee,” KCR mentioned.

He identified that after Modi got here to energy, greater than 20 lakh folks had given up Indian citizenship. “Parents in our country celebrate when their children secure Green Cards in the United States. What do such trends indicate?” he requested.

Accusing the Modi authorities of indulging in indiscriminate privatisation of public sector enterprises, the CM mentioned Centre was indulging in “socialisation of losses and privatisation of profits.”

“Modi says the government has no business to do business. I say the government has every right to do business wherever it is required. The government has no business means it is escaping from the responsibility entrusted by the people of India. We should share the responsibility,” he mentioned.

Stating that the BJP was not invincible, he recalled that after the Bangladesh conflict, former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, too, was hailed as invincible however folks had dethroned the Congress from energy. “Power is temporary and people will teach a fitting lesson to the BJP by voting it out,” he mentioned.

KCR additionally raised objections to restrictions to display screen the BBC’s documentary. “One should have patience and tolerance…we are at the mercy of people to come to power,” he mentioned.

Reacting sharply to KCR’s feedback within the meeting, BJP Telangana unit president Bandi Sanjay accused KCR of misusing the state meeting to hurl abuses on the Prime Minister.

“It is a tradition that no member should make any comments against a person who is not a member of the House. But KCR deviated from the tradition and hurled abuses at Modi in a disrespectful manner,” he alleged.

Sanjay challenged that the BJP was prepared for a complete debate on what the Centre had accomplished for Telangana and “how much money it had released” to the state vis-à-vis what the BRS authorities had accomplished for the folks of the state within the final 9 years.

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