Mahua Moitra says Mr A ‘topi-pehnau-ed’ govt; ‘How his son’s father-in-law…’

Trinamool MP Mahua Moitra on Tuesday raised the Adani concern in her movement of thanks on the President’s Address within the Lok Sabha and launched a scathing assault on the federal government. Reiterating the demand to launch a full investigation towards the Adani group, Mahua Moitra stated, “I want to talk about the most famous person in India today. Unfortunately, for this House, it is not the honourable Prime Minister. It’s a man whose name starts with an A and ends with an I. And no, it’s not Advani. For the purposes of this speech, let’s just call him Mr A and his group A company,” the Trinamool MP stated.

Bringing out a crimson birthday cap, Mahua Moitra stated amid protests, “Mr A has topi-pehnau-ed this wonderful nation.”

Stating that even Google, Amazon and Microsoft do not make such returns similar to firm A, Mahua Moitra referred to the assertion by the Adani Group during which it stated the Hindenburg report was an assault on India, and stated: “When a Russian company took over an oil refinery business, It was not an attack on India? When Mumbai’s electricity was taken over with funds from Qatar, it was not an attack on India? The pride of India is not the wealth of one individual, pride of India lies in the robustness of its institutional structures.”

“Honourable Prime Minister, this man Mr A has topi-topi-pehnau-ed you. He travels with you on your delegation. He meets heads of states on visits to India. He portrays that India is the prime minister and the prime minister is him. He makes it appear to the world that he is the remote control behind the prime minister and by obliging him will be obliging the prime minister,” Mahua Moitra stated whereas the Chair requested her to take away the crimson cap from her desk.


“Madam finance minister, he has topi-pehnau-ed you when your ministry in Parliament tells me that an investigation by the Sebi is ongoing and this company puts out a statement saying they have been exonerated by the highest court of the land. Which court?” Moitra stated. “How is Mr A’s son’s father-in-law allowed to be on the Sebi committee on insider trading and corporate governance?” Mahua Moitra requested.

As her speech noticed protests and interruptions by the treasury benches, Mahua concluded her speech saying everyone wonders whether or not the Ambani, the Chinese or JP Morgan is behind her. “Nobody is behind Mahua, Mahua is behind the truth,” the MP stated.

Mahua Moitra’s speech was adopted by indignant exchanges between the Trinamool and the BJP members during which Mahua was heard uttering some cuss phrases. Union minister Pralhad Joshi demanded an apology from Mahua Moitra for the offensive phrase. “I would ask them to apologise but if she doesn’t, then it’s their culture,” Pralhad Joshi stated.

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