Lesson Plan Movie Review: Super stunts in a narrative that lacks a punch

At one level within the Polish movie, Lesson Plan, Agata (Antonina Jarnuszkiewicz) asks the protagonist Damian (Piotr Witkowski), “Do you have any other talent except beating people up?” While it may be a reductive abstract of Damian and his exploits, you perceive what Agata means.

Cast: Piotr Witkowski, Antonina Jarnuszkiewicz, Nikolas Przygoda

DirectorDaniel Markowicz

The movie begins with a struggle in a cramped area, as an unarmed Damian takes on a gaggle of machine gun-wielding henchmen. A neatly orchestrated hand-to-hand fight sequence later, a whole drug ring is introduced down, however not earlier than Damian loses his spouse within the course of. In template movies like Lesson Plan, the protagonist often loses his cherished one early. Even earlier than he can mourn the loss correctly—or we are able to start to know his temper swings—we’re thrown into the world of a Polish highschool reeling from a drug menace. The lazy writing signifies that there isn’t any clean segue into these new angles.

And then, it rains cliches, with even some probably intriguing elements getting brushed away like they have been merely afterthoughts. When we meet Damian after the dying of his spouse, he’s a raging alcoholic. But barely a couple of days later, he’s prim and correct, and is proven having reworked right into a historical past trainer. However, I favored that he tries to make notes and be trainer versus winging it like Jack Black from School of Rock.

A few laughable twists in regards to the antagonists are straight out of a Scooby Doo episode, and it is easy to hazard an inexpensive guess about their id midway into this 100-odd-minute movie. There can also be a enjoyable detour the place Damian pulls a Miyagi on a gaggle of scholars who need to withstand the drug peddlers of their college. While all that is affordable enjoyable, the narrative affect is sorely missing. The lack of funding in character arcs, regardless of darkish themes like sexual harassment and drug overdose, does not assist this movie. Take, as an example, the scene the place a woman is admitted resulting from an overdose. Her buddies rush to take care of her, swear revenge… however truthfully, Damian breaking a porcelain cup delivers extra emotional heft than this scene.


Lesson Plan’s agenda is obvious. Write a feeble story a couple of charming protagonist who’s good at motion set-pieces. However, what the makers have forgotten is that the novelty on this style is slowly carrying off, and as a lot as we love a well-performed stunt, the fundamentals of narrative and emotional affect should not be ignored.

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