Kanwar Yatra 2022: Delhi Police up traffic, security measures. Maps, details here

Kanwar Yatra 2022: The blessed journey to Lord Shiva, Kanwar Yatra, is good to go to start from July 14. Considering this, the Delhi Police has expanded security, made traffic plans in front of the yatra. As per police, the exceptional plan in regards to security and traffic will be set up from July 14 to July 26. A footfall of around 15-20 lakh Kanwariyas is normal and the police has gone to lengths guarantee a smooth and safe entry for the yatris.

The yatra is being held following a suspension of two years because of COVID-19 pandemic. The traffic of Kanwariyas is supposed to increment after July 21 as indicated by authorities. An enormous number of Kanwariyas arrive at Delhi and some of them go to Haryana and Rajasthan by means of Delhi borders.

With intricate measures set up, Delhi Traffic Police has redirected specific courses to lessen any kind of bother to the overall population or the aficionados who will walk shoeless clad in orange fabric to the Gaumukh, Gangotri and Haridwar.

Senior traffic cops said that devoted paths have been made on the courses for Kanwariyas and no vehicle will be permitted to enter those paths. Also, the travelers will be halted from utilizing the space devoted for vehicular development.

Labor supply in adequate numbers will be conveyed at all convergences to assist the explorers with going across streets, and traffic will be halted at whatever point Kanwariyas go across the streets. The arrangement of police and traffic staff at convergences will guarantee no traffic confusion or mishaps, they said.


“At this point we have a rundown of 338 camps. The numbers might increment. We will send 2,000 traffic faculty for Kanwar Yatra obligation. As development work is happening at a portion of the streets, we encourage general society to help out us in overseeing and controlling the traffic during the Kanwar Yatra. Like security staff, traffic faculty will likewise be available on every one of the courses 24×7,” said DCP Naik.

To the extent that the security and offices at the camps are concerned, the DCP of the three locale said CCTV cameras are being introduced at all camps, aside from keeping a logbook where subtleties of kanwariyas entering and leaving the camps will be referenced.

Speedy response groups and crisis reaction vehicles will be sent at vital areas across the courses that will be utilized by the Kanwariyas.

“Clinical offices will likewise be accessible at the camps. For better coordination, locale police authorities are holding gatherings with coordinators of the camps, area organization, metro organizations, fire and wellbeing divisions,” said delegate magistrate of police (Shahdara) R Sathiyasundaram.

As to readiness to keep away from any common issue during the Yatra, delegate magistrate of police (upper east) Sanjay Kumar Sain said the police enjoy been holding gatherings with ‘harmony’ boards and encouraging them to assume an imperative part in guaranteeing the strict occasion finishes up with no inappropriate occurrence.