In Co-WIN App, from Saturday onwards, you have to show 4-digit code to get the vaccine

The center has made special changes to In Co-WIN App, from Saturday onwards, the co-win system to avoid misinformation about vaccination information in the country. From now on, those who want to register in the Co-Win app will be given a 4-digit security code. The person who received the vaccine will be caught only if the ‘code’ is properly registered in the co-win system at the time of vaccination.

The Union Ministry of Health has issued a statement stating that the vaccination will be carried out under this rule from Saturday.

According to the new rules, each consumer will be given a four-digit ‘code’ in the message when registering on the in Co-Win App. Which the person must take care of. The health worker who will give the vaccine will have to give the code to get the vaccine. He will post the code on the Co-Win portal. New rules have been introduced to keep accurate information on whether those who are applying for the vaccine are actually getting the vaccine.

According to the Center, there were many mistakes in the old system. In many cases, many people did not go for vaccination even after applying to in Co-Win App. However, on the day of vaccination, a message was sent to his phone informing him that he had been vaccinated. The wrong name has also been registered. This decision has been taken by the Center to avoid this error.


What Is Co-WIN App?

Co-WIN App– Government of Asian nation App for Vaccinators providing COVID-19 Vaccination

This Mobile Application is presently meant for Co-WIN Facility level users to perform the following tasks as a medical practitioner, Supervisors, and Surveyors.

How to Registration in Co-WIN App?

1) Beneficiary Registration: supported known priority cluster by Government of Asian nation, Beneficiary is registered on the applying.

2) Beneficiary Verification: Beneficiary’s relevant details is captured in encrypted type which may be used to make sure that vaccinum is run to relevant Beneficiary. this can be applicable at the time of registration furthermore as vaccination.

3) Aadhaar Authentication: to make sure de-duplication, Beneficiary’s Aadhaar authentication is done from the applying within the variety of OTP and Demographic Authentication. this can be applicable at the time of registration or at the time of validation.

4) Vaccination Status: supported dose schedule, vaccination standing of Beneficiary is updated from not immunized to partly immunized and partly immunized to vaccination completion.

5) reportage of Adverse Event Following Immunization:

AEFI – Adverse Event following immunization is reportable from the applying.


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