‘House of the Dragon’: Why Episode 2 Has an Opening Credits Sequence

Episode 2 of House of the Dragon could have introduced the dragons into motion, however that wasn’t its most enjoyable characteristic. No, the Game of Thrones prequel collection lastly revealed a gap titles sequence, after episode 1 surprisingly started on an abrupt opening sequence-free word. Why did the showrunners select to omit the enduring side of the unique collection?

“It was a creative choice,” Ryan Condal and Miguel Sapochnik revealed final week to Entertainment Tonight. “It seemed important that once the curtain went up so to speak, having a title sequence felt like an indulgence. We wanted to get on and tell the story.”

It seems that long-awaited title sequence shares the very same music as Game of Thrones.

“I can say this much, we very much wanted to keep the DNA alive for House of the Dragon from the original show,” Ramin Djawadi, composer for each the Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon, advised Entertainment Weekly. “We will hear themes that we remember from the original show, but because it’s all new characters, this is 200 years before, there is a ton of new material I’ve written, a lot of new themes that we will hear.”


But cellos will certainly be again.

“What was important to me was to keep the general sound alive. The big sound of Game of Thrones, the primary instrument was always the cello, and we will definitely hear the cello again in the show. Just the way I stylistically write the show, I hope people will hear it and go, ‘OK, I feel familiar. We’re back in Westeros.’ That was always the idea.”

What do the ‘House of the Dragon’ opening credit imply?

The opening titles comprise insignia representing totally different Targaryens, together with Princess Rhaenyra — you possibly can see the identical insignia within the necklace Prince Daemon gave her. The blood signifies many parts: House Targaryen’s obsession with sustaining the purity of their bloodline, their motto “fire and blood” and the destruction that may finally befall them.

New episodes of House of the Dragon hit HBO on Sundays.

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