‘House of the Dragon’ Episode 2 Recap: ‘The Rogue Prince’

House Targaryen is in tumult. In the closing moments of House of the Dragon’s premiere episode, King Viserys declared his daughter, Princess Rhaenyra, the inheritor to the throne. That flies within the face of custom, which might have Viserys’ youthful brother Daemon Targaryen be subsequent in line to put on the crown. We’re starting to see why House of the Dragon’s showrunner referred to as the Game of Thrones prequel “Succession, but with dragons.” 

For these enjoying catch up, House of the Dragon is about round 200 years earlier than the occasions seen in Game of Thrones. Based on George R.R. Martin’s 2018 ebook Fire and Blood, it is all in regards to the Targaryens. In episode 1, we have been launched not solely to King Viserys, Prince Daemon and Princess Rhaenyra, but additionally Hand of the King Otto Hightower, his daughter Alicent, and the “Sea Snake” Lord Corlys Velaryon.

The premier episode set the stage. Now let the present start. Warning: House of the Dragon episode 2 spoilers under. 

Rebellions throughout the land

“Sea Snake” Lord Corlys Velaryon has been complaining loudly to the Small Council about “the Triarchy,” an alliance between the Free Cities of Myrs, Lys and Tyrosh. You can perceive his anxiousness: Lord Corlys is the king’s Master of Ships, and the Triarchy threatens the king’s transport lanes in Essos. In House of the Dragon’s premiere, he additionally talked about that an odd fellow aligned with the Triarchy calls himself “the Crabfeeder” due to the best way he tortures pirates.

(With crabs. He tortures them with crabs.)

We start House of the Dragons’ second episode with the repellant sight of the Crabfeeder’s handiwork. We see a semi-conscious pirate being eaten alive by pink crabs, then a large shot that reveals two wrecked, burning ships. Turns out these ships flew Lord Corlys’ personal banners, so the following factor we see is him storming right into a Small Council assembly to as soon as once more elevate the alarm.

The King’s Hand Otto Hightower dismisses Corlys’ objections, saying Westeros can’t wage battle with the Free Cities. This turns Corlys irate. 

“What reason does the Crabfeeder have to fear us?” Corlys asks the Small Council. “The King’s own brother has been allowed to seize Dragonstone and fortify it with an army of his Gold Cloaks. Daemon has squatted there for over half a year without even a protest from the crown.”

That’s how we be taught that six months have elapsed because the finish of the primary episode, when Daemon left King’s Landing in a huff.

King Viserys rebuffs Corlys, saying he is doing one thing bout the Triarchy. King Viserys says he is despatched an envoy to barter, at which level Princess Rhaenyra asks why Viserys does not simply ship her on dragonback to unravel the issue. The Small Council exchanges nervous appears to be like. It’s steered that Rhaenyra must be excused to go select which knight ought to fill a brand new submit within the Kingsguard, the group of warriors that defend the monarch.

It does not take Rhaenyra lengthy to make her selection. In the following scene, we see a procession of knights providing their providers to the crown. The queen-to-be is unimpressed with all of the blokes besides one — Ser Criston Cole, who we noticed defeat Daemon in fight in episode 1. To the obvious chagrin of Otto Hightower, Rhaenyra chooses Criston Cole for the job, reasoning that he is the one knight amongst them with precise fight expertise. 

King Viserys speaks with Lord Corlys and Princess Rhaenys.

King Viserys, Princess Rhaenys and “Sea Snake” Lord Corlys.


The king’s hand (in marriage)

In a very confronting scene, Queen Aemma died in episode 1 following a compelled C-section. Since six months have handed between the primary and second episodes, it is now time for King Viserys to begin interested by marriage as soon as once more. Or at the very least, that is what Lord Corlys and his spouse Rhaenys Targaryen (“the Queen that never was”) inform him as they suggest King Viserys marry their daughter Laena. 

The Velaryons and Targaryens are the 2 surviving Valyrian bloodlines, Corlys says — pretty much as good a purpose as any to hitch the households and undertaking a unified entrance to the Realm. (Valyria is a area in Westeros, for these struggling to maintain up with the lore.)

Rhaenyra is understandably Not Stoked about all of it, what with the Small Council actually politicking over her useless mom’s physique. She confides in Alicent Hightower — daughter of King’s Hand Otto Hightower — as they stroll by way of the High Scept. After being inspired to take action by her father within the final episode, Alicent continues to be commonly visiting Viserys in his bedchambers to offer him (seemingly above board) firm. 

“I want him to see me as more than his little girl,” Rhaenyra tells Alicent as they pray within the Scept. Just the night time earlier than, Viserys had instructed Alicent that he and Rhaenyra have not been talking a lot. 


King Viserys and Lady Laena. 


“Mine own father does not know the language of girls either,” Alicent councils Rhaenyra. “When I wish to talk with him, I know that I must make the effort.” 

King Viserys is not tremendous enthusiastic about remarrying both. He’s nonetheless mourning Aemma, and worries a second marriage might upset Rhaenyra. Compounding issues is the age of Laena. She’s 12. We see Viserys and a really younger Laena strolling by way of King’s Landing’s lush gardens making chit chat about dragons, and the distinction in age is grim. 

Laena stops and, with evident discomfort, recites: “It would be a great honor to join our houses as they were in old Valyria. I would give you many children of pure Valyrian blood so that we might strengthen the royal line and the realm.”

“Is that what your father told you to say?” replied Viserys, clearly discovering the entire enterprise a bit gross. “What did your mother tell you say?”

“That I wouldn’t have to bed you until I turn 14.” 

Viserys lets out an enormous sigh as they proceed to stroll.

The order of issues

Rhaenyra was watching Viserys and Laena’s stroll from the Red Keep. As she strolls away to go about her enterprise, she’s accosted by Princess Rhaenys Targaryen. For those that forgot, Rhaenys is the spouse of Lord Corlys, and it was she who misplaced the council vote for succession to Viserys within the opening scene of episode 1. 

Rhaenys wonders aloud whether or not the wedding bothers Rhaenyra. Rhaenyra principally tells Rhaenys to not taunt her, however Rhaenys provides her a actuality test.

“Whether it’s to my daughter or someone else’s, your father will marry sooner than late. His new wife will produce new heirs and chances are better than not that one of those will be male. And when that boy comes of age and your father has passed, the men of the realm will expect him to be heir, not you. Because that is the order of things.”

Rhaenyra says she’ll turn out to be Queen and make a new order. She says the boys of the realm did not reject ladies, they rejected Rhaenys. The Queen That Never Was as soon as once more will get actual with the youthful Targaryen.

“Men would sooner put the realm to the torch than see a woman ascend the iron throne,” Rhaenys says. “And your father is no fool.” 


Alicent Hightower.


The king continues to be sick

During his yelling match with Daemon within the first episode, you may recall that King Viserys by accident reduce his personal hand on one of many blades that represent the iron throne. Six months later, on this episode, that wound is festering.


In order to avoid wasting his finger, which the maesters have presumably been treating with cauterization (hearth), the King’s medical assist submerge his hand in a bowl filled with maggots. “This is our best chance to save the digit,” Grand Maester Mellos says. “The maggots will remove the dead flesh and hopefully stop the advance of the rot.”

Very cool.

King Viserys brings up the proposed marriage between himself and Laena Velaryon. Grand Maester Mellos reckons it is a good suggestion. Otto Hightower appears much less excited.

Anything that you are able to do…

Daemon Targaryen continues to be making mischief. Having taken Dragonstone and named himself rightful inheritor to the iron throne, he is found to have stolen a dragon egg from King’s Landing. And by found I imply he left a notice saying who he was and why he stole the egg: Because he is now received a second spouse, a intercourse employee named Mysaria, and that his wife-to-be is with baby. The dragon egg is to put within the child’s cradle, as is customized for Targaryens.

Daemon’s notice additionally claims that he is to be married, and that King Viserys is invited. After it is labored out that Daemon stole the identical egg that was in Baelor’s cradle for the few hours the kid was alive, King Viserys is pushed over the sting. (Baelor is the infant boy Aemma gave beginning to in episode 1.) He says he’ll take again Dragonstone himself, however is talked down by Hand of the King Otto Hightower, who says he’ll go as an alternative of the king.

You’ll keep in mind from episode 1 that Otto and Daemon deeply dislike each other. Daemon and his military, the previous City Watch, confront Otto and the king’s males in a dramatic scene, assembly head-to-head alongside a skinny bridge resulting in Dragonstone. They have phrases, with Otto disparaging Daemon’s “whore” wife-to-be and calling Daemon a shame to the Targaryen household. The males on either side draw swords, however earlier than they will conflict they’re interrupted by Daemon’s dragon, which made its presence identified by looming over Dragonstone’s citadel.

Otto’s males start to retreat. We hear one other dragon within the distance, nevertheless. From the clouds flies Rhaenyra, using a dragon of her personal. She hops off and walks straight as much as Daemon on the bridge.

“My father named me Princess of Dragonstone,” she says as she confronts her uncle, “that is my castle you’re living in.” Boss mode activated. She calls him out for stealing her deceased child brother’s dragon egg, however Daemon protests that his baby deserves to sleep with a dragon egg too. Mysaria, discovering that Daemon has lylingly instructed everybody that she’s pregnant, storms off in frustration.

“I’m right here, Uncle,” Rhaenyra dares him. “If you wish to be restored as heir, you’ll need to kill me. So do it. And be done of all this bother.” 

Daemon stares her down then heads again to the citadel — however not earlier than tossing the dragon egg over to Rhaenyra. Having secured the egg, the princess provides Otto Hightower a appears to be like that claims “that’s how it’s done,” then flies off on her dragon. Boss mode deactivated.

Back in Dragonstone, we see Mysaria chastise Daemon for enjoying “stupid games” along with his household by making up lies that they are to be married and have a toddler. 

“I have been sold as property more times than I care to count,” she says to him. “Most of my years have been spent living in terror… I didn’t come into your service wanting gold or power or station. I came to you to be liberated.”

“From what?”



King Viserys and Lord Lyonel.


An extended engagement

King Viserys continues to be mulling over his proposed engagement to Laena, looking for the council of Lord Lyonel Strong, his Master of Laws. King Viserys says that he is felt Lord Corlys’ envious gaze set upon him ever since Viserys took the crown, and ponders whether or not it is sensible to hyperlink households. Viserys is understandably chilly on the concept of marrying a 12 yr previous.

Yet Lord Lyonel encourages him to see it by way of, that it is Viserys’ obligation to the realm and that Lord Corlys would not take it nicely if his supply was denied. There’s potential battle coming with the Triarchy, Lord Lyonel says, they usually’ll want Corlys’ ships to win it. 

At this level the 2 males are interrupted by an announcement that Rhaenyra has returned from Dragonstone. From the look on his face, we are able to see that King Viserys had no clue she was went to Dragonstone within the first place.

The king is livid, forehead beating Rhaenyra for appearing so recklessly. He yells and yells, however is sedated when she factors out that she retrieved the dragon egg with out bloodshed, a feat Otto Hightower was unlikely to realize. Viserys sinks into his chair and places some respect on her title. Then, lastly, the 2 have a heart-to-heart in regards to the loss of life of Aemma. 

“Your mother’s absence is a wound that will never heal. Without her, the Red Keep has lost a warmth that I dare say it will never recover,” Viserys says. “I wish I’d known better what to say to you in the aftermath. I struggle to realize that my daughter had so quickly become a woman grown. But I know she understands what is now expected of me.”

He says it is his obligation as king to remarry. Rhaenyra is his solely inheritor, which makes his line of succession too susceptible. 

“You are the king,” she says. “And so your first duty is to the realm. Mother would have understood this. Just as I do.” 


The Crabfeeder.


New alliances

The subsequent scene is a Small Council assembly. Now that he has Rhaenyra’s consent, and has been instructed by many individuals that becoming a member of his household with Lord Corlys’ is the accountable factor to do, the king proclaims he is determined to get marry as soon as extra.

To Alicent Hightower. 

Rhaenyra is shocked. Otto Hightower is happy. Lord Corlys is livid.

“This is an absurdity,” Corlys says. “My house is Valyrian, the greatest power in the realm.”

“And I am your king,” Viserys replies. 

Otto Hightower shoots Lord Corlys a glance. “You’ve been outplayed” is written throughout Hightower’s face. Corlys storms out of the Small Council room, adopted shortly thereafter by Rhaenyra. We now know why Hightower was so eager to have Alicent maintain the king firm the second Aemma handed.

In the ultimate scene of the episode, Lord Corlys is seated by a fireplace in his chambers, flapping his gums to a thriller companion. We quickly see that he is forging an alliance with Daemon Targaryen. 

Corlys complains once more in regards to the Triarchy, and the ugly Crabfeeder. We see a protecting streak in Daemon, who bristles when Corlys criticizes King Viserys’ judgment. “I will speak of my brother as I wish,” he says whereas villainously staring over the hearth. “You will not.”

“Waiting in the Step Stones is a chance for you to prove your worth to anyone who might yet doubt it. We are the realm’s second sons, Daemon,” Corlys says. “Our right is not given. It must be made.”  

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