Hellraiser Reboot Photo Reveals Best Look Yet at Jamie Clayton’s Pinhead

A brand new picture revealed by Entertainment Weekly offers our greatest look but on the new Pinhead in Hulu’s hellraiser reboot. Coming to the streaming platform this fall, the brand new movie brings the franchise again to its roots with creator Clive Barker again on board as a advisor and producer. The movie additionally presents a brand new Hell Priest, aka Pinhead, that is extra correct to how the character is described in Barker’s authentic novella. Previously portrayed by Doug Bradley, the position is now performed by Jamie Clayton within the reboot.

Clayton, a trans actress, places a brand new spin on how Pinhead has been portrayed previously. After Bradley’s prolonged run within the position, subsequent movies had been made that includes Stephan Smith Collins and Paul T. Taylor as totally different variations of Pinhead. Clayton marks the primary feminine performer to tackle the position, and director David Bruckner spoke about her casting within the EW article, stressing how she landed the half with a killer audition.


“We felt a kind of anticipation around the fans to reimagine the character. We knew we wanted Pinhead to be a woman. Jamie was just the right person for the role. A person’s identity can be really exciting for a role in many ways, but I have to emphasize that Jamie absolutely killed, that’s how we got there.”

Bruckner went on to tease that Clayton will convey one thing new to the desk together with her distinctive portrayal of Pinhead because the filmmakers knew higher than to attempt to replicate the fan favourite efficiency delivered by Doug Bradley within the earlier motion pictures.

“What Doug Bradley did with the character is so iconic. We didn’t want to do a Doug Bradley impression, we just didn’t think that’s possible to do. There will

be suffering, but you’re going to get a sense of what Pinhead’s desires might be in a way that hits a little different.”

You can check out the full-size, unedited picture of Jamie Clayton’s Pinhead beneath. Previously, a teaser was launched that featured a blurred and obscured picture of Pinhead, however this new picture is certainly our greatest look but.

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Hulu’s Hellraiser Is “Not a Remake”

Director David Bruckner advised EW that the movie shouldn’t be a “remake,” suggesting it will not be a retread of the identical story viewers noticed within the authentic hellraiser film. Bruckner says that the Hulu movie will probably be telling a “new story” in Clive Barker’s world, introducing new characters with the story focusing totally on Riley, a younger lady performed by Odessa A’zion. Bruckner says of the plot:

“This is not a remake. I just didn’t think you could ever remake the original hellraiser, It’s too much its own thing and it would be, I think, perilous territory for filmmakers, because how do you top that? This is a new story in the hellraiser universe. It’s the tale of a young woman, who’s struggling with addiction and compulsive behavior, that comes in contact accidentally with the box and unfortunately begins to dabble with it,” says Bruckner. “And chaos ensues.”

The new Hellraiser will probably be launched on Hulu on Oct. 7, 2022.

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