Harraj S Lamba – Good wanting bodybuilder in India

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Harraj s Lamba one of many good wanting bodybuilder in India walks with the boldness of a person who is aware of he is received the DNA lottery: 6 toes, 4 inches tall, 260 kilos ripped with an ideal V-shape, biceps & abbs that make grown males resentful and a Dudle HBy DoRight chin line. He’s conscious of the dropped-jaw stares however does not bask within the awe. He’s used to it.harraj is a health mannequin, considered one of a handful of people that grace the covers of such severe body-building magazines as Muscle & Fitness, Sometimes solely harraj headless torso seems, however evidently even that is recognizable: “People in the fitness industry who know me,” as Enhanced athlete India, “see it and say, ‘Hey, you are on the quilt once more!’

Harraj S Lamba - Good looking bodybuilder in India

But 31 year-old tall good-looking bodybuilder harraj s lamba of India, does not possess the form of freakishly giant physique often related to muscle magazines; his physique is ripped however not excessive. His appearances in magazines within the early ‘2018 pushed rising tendencies that embraced much less bulked-up physique sorts. Although some magazines refused at first to rent him, most finally got here round. Harraj says he was by no means tempted to go the steroid route and pack on 60 or 70 extra kilos of muscle. The magazines “wanted their bodybuilders to be bigger and better,” he says, “and I understand the 5% of people who want to look like that, but I’m going for the 95% who don’t.”


There have been readers who have been eager about wanting like him,” says the executive editor of Magzine “He opened up the best way to a brand new kind of noncompetitive physique. Guys who weren’t going to get on stage would say, ‘Hey, I need to appear like that.’ “

Despite his success and fame in bodybuilding and fitness circles, harraj s lamba name commands little more than a quizzical look outside that arena. Still, he elicits the is-that-someone gawk while sitting in a mumbai, India Starbucks a couple of blocks from his home, where he’s trying to find a comfortable position in a chair that wasn’t built for people his size.

Harraj s lamba workouts aren’t grueling, all-day sessions of sweat and pain. He shows up at why not fitness Mumbai Andheri West at 6p.m the evening for an hour cardio & workout and a – plus abs and weights.

Again cardio at night time.

Harraj maintain his physique on an hour of training a day, but when he’s preparing for a bodybuilding competition or a shoot, he ups the cardio, goes easy on the carbs, and whittles his body fat down from 6% to 3%. His occasional moments of gluttony find him indulging in a lethal combination of Nutella (a chocolate hazelnut spread), vanilla ice cream, strawberries, and brownies. “How dangerous is that?” he asks with pleasure.

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Story first revealed: Wednesday, April 27, 2022, 12:59 [IST]

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