Hafeez slams selectors for leaving Malik out of Pakistan’s T20 World Cup squad

Former Pakistan captain Muhammad Hafeez has lashed out on the nationwide selectors for ignoring seasoned allrounder Shoaib Malik for the upcoming T20 World Cup in Australia.

Hafeez stated he had suggested Malik to take retirement after final yr’s World Cup as he knew they’d now not be a part of the Pakistan workforce set-up.

“I don’t even know whether he will get a proper farewell now which he should, given his 22 years of international cricket. Because as things stand after his recent tweet where he highlighted friendships, liking and disliking in the team many are unhappy with him,” Hafeez advised the CricketPakistan channel.

“Malik gave his finest to Pakistan for about 21-22 years and sustaining your health requirements for that lengthy is completely exceptional.

“When I took my retirement, I told Malik to take retirement as well because I knew that he will not be respected as it was also evident in my case. My understanding was that he wanted one last standing but cricket is cruel like this.” Hafeez stated after the 2019 World Cup he had urged to the administration to offer Malik a farewell recreation.

“They didn’t entertain my suggestion at all not realizing his services he should have got a match. Our management has always been lacking when it comes to bidding them a farewell,” he maintained.

Hafeez stated if Malik had performed within the World Cup, the workforce would have gotten a senior participant.

“Don’t talk about that he cannot play cut or pull, don’t forget that he played cricket for 22 years so he didn’t play these shots? We need to understand; we need proper cricketers with whom we can make winning combination whether he is 40 or 20,” he stated.


Hafeez, who himself retired earlier this yr from worldwide cricket, described Pakistan’s chosen batters, Asif Ali and Khushdil Shah as one dimensional gamers.

“There is so much dependence on the top three and I would advise Babar Azam and Muhammad Rizwan now to show more intent in their approach in coming matches,” he stated.

“I have said this before as well, Babar and Rizwan are the number one pair for Pakistan. They have helped Pakistan cricket win and grow. But if there is anything both players can improve upon; it is intent.” Hafeez additional talked about that Pakistan’s middle-order failed throughout the Asia Cup as a result of gamers like Khushdil and Asif don’t depend on innings constructing.

“Khushdil and Asif do not rely on innings building and they are very one-dimensional players. Khushdil has a strikerate (SR) of 110 and we consider him an international hitter and that is not right. We need to get to the bottom of this situation,” he stated.

“We need to ask ourselves do these players have the ability to absorb pressure? Can they build an innings if Babar and Rizwan fall early? We have selected these players based on the fact that our top-order takes time to settle which is ridiculous.”

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