Delhi Police Arrested 17 People Over Posters Against PM Modi: Sources

Delhi Police Arrested 17 People Over Posters Against PM Modi
Delhi Police Arrested 17 People Over Posters Against PM Modi

New Delhi: a minimum of seventeen individuals are inactive by the Delhi Police over posters criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic that came up within the past few days within the capital, sources told NDTV on a weekday.

The police have registered over twenty-one 1st info Reports or FIRs underneath sections of the harm of property Act besides alternative laws.
The arrests were created by four totally different divisions of the police – japanese vary, east, central and northeast – suggesting the operation was a coordinated action.

The move comes over posters that had emerged in many components of the town with messages like: “Modi Jemaah Islamiyah, aapne humare bacchon ki vaccine Videsh kyu bhej diya?” (Modi Jemaah Islamiyah, why did send vaccines meant for our youngsters, abroad?).

On Thursday, six individuals were inactive in East Delhi’s Kalyanpuri space wherever Delhi Police received input that the posters criticizing the Prime Minister were being placed up. over 800 posters and banners were conjointly recovered, sources aforesaid.

“More FIRs are possible to be registered if more complaints are received during this regard. As of now, an investigation is afoot to establish on whose behalf these posters were placing up at numerous places across the town and consequently more action are going to be taken,” a senior lawman told news organization PTI.


Delhi has been one of the worst-hit territories within the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic and has seen horrific scenes within the past few weeks of hospitals being overpowered and running wanting requirements like medical gas.

Though the infection numbers have return down in recent days once thousands of deaths, several have flagged a dip in testing.

India has reportable over three hundred thousand infections daily over the past 3 weeks, overwhelming its health care system and going away several while not hospital beds, gas, and adequate treatment.

PM Modi’s government has long-faced widespread criticism for showing a lot of bents addressing the unhealthy promotional material thanks to the missteps than resolving the crisis.

The administration’s vaccinum policy – marked by slow-buying of vaccines and so marketing the responsibility on states once shortages kicked in – has conjointly been wide delineated as unskilled.

Governments in many states like Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh are defendants of making an attempt to cover their casualties as many bodies are seen floating in rivers and buried within the sand by the banks.