China pays the value if it dares to invade: Taiwan MP’s warning over navy drills

Taiwan lawmaker Wang Ting-yu claimed that China launching missiles at Taiwan is just not due to the strain arising out of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s go to however as a result of Chinese President Xi Jinping is “losing his face”.

“All the military exercises, all the missile launches towards Taiwan are not because of Taiwan or Pelosi, it is because Xi Jinping needs an outlet to release domestic pressure,” Ting-yu instructed India Today.

“China shot 11 missiles towards Taiwan in three different locations a little far away from the island. This is for the first time since 1996, China launched missiles towards Taiwan. The situation is tense but we are confident that the situation is under control,” he added.

“The Chinese military threat is real, concrete and huge. No matter who visits Taiwan, China uses its military to threaten us every day,” Ting-yu stated, including that even earlier than Nancy Pelosi’s go to, Chinese plane crossed the island’s air defence zone.

Describing how the state of affairs is totally different from the Russia-Ukraine warfare, Ting-yu stated Russia and Ukraine are linked by land whereas Taiwan is separated from China by the Taiwan Strait, giving the island a chance to repel Chinese navy threats for many years.


Ting-yu, who can be part of Taiwan’s Foreign Affairs and National Defense Committee, acknowledged that the island cherishes its democracy, freedom and human rights and that provides it the boldness and energy to cope with any outdoors risk.


“We don’t want a military conflict. But if China dares to launch an invasion of Taiwan, then they will pay the price they cannot afford,” Ting-yu warned.


Taiwan MP Wang Ting-yu stated it’s Taipei’s duty to guard the nation from any invasion, however it’s not within the worldwide curiosity to sit down and watch China invade Taiwan.

“To protect our country is our own country. We cannot rely on international friends. Our strategy is to defend our country even without foreign help. And do we have the confidence that the United States will offer a helping hand? We don’t calculate that. But we know Taiwan is important,” the lawmaker stated.

“Taiwan has by-partisan connections in the US. We trust our friends, but we depend on ourselves,” he added.


Ting-yu stated that India is within the east and Taiwan is within the west within the Indo-Pacific area and if each nations can cooperate they’ll maintain the area stablised and affluent.

“If we [India and Taiwan] cooperate, we can keep this region stabilised and prosperous and make China understand not to use aggressive ways to bully its neighbours,” Wang Ting-yu stated.

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