Brand New Cherry Flavor Series Review: A should look ahead to these fascinated about exploring the bounds of the thoughts

Brand New Cherry Flavor Series Review: A should look ahead to these fascinated about exploring the bounds of the thoughts

Based on Todd Grimson’s novel of the identical identify, Brand New Cherry Flavor is one hallucinogen-infused journey not for the faint-hearted. The mind-bending, absurdist, and surreal Netflix unique, falls someplace alongside the spectrum of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Mullholand Drive. Set in LA of the early 90s, it stars a perfectly-cast Rosa Salazar as Lisa Nova – a younger, intense, and supremely proficient horror filmmaker on the cusp of constructing it large within the murky maze of Hollywood. There lies a catch, although. Her debut brief movie could also be visceral and thought-provoking, however that is, because the producer Lou Burke (Eric Lange) places it, “a world of predators and prey.” Be cautious whom you belief, and chorus from signing on the dotted line earlier than studying the positive print. Our susceptible lead character finds out simply how deep the rot goes after her trusting nature prices her. With luck firmly in opposition to Lisa and sinister designs at play, her want for revenge and wresting again energy turns into the crux of the narrative.

Creators – Nick Antosca, Lenore Zion
Cast – Rosa Salazar, Catherine Keener, Eric Lange, Jeff Ward, Manny Jacinto
Streaming On – Netflix

She has misplaced inventive management of her movie by handing over the rights to a megalomaniacal producer. When she rebuffs her advances, he ensures that she’s kicked off the challenge as director (a verbal stipulation she had made on the very starting). In a darkish and depressed rage, she decides, with the help of a shaman, to place a curse on the blighted man bent on ruining her life and profession. From the frying pan to the hearth, because it seems, however one has to do what one has to do – with some prodding, clearly. When Lisa first meets the bohemian girl Boro (Catherine Keener) at an A-listers’ gathering, the latter says, “For you? I could hurt someone.” Though she initially brushes it off as a deranged person’s failed attempt at conversation, her interest is piqued. As she stumbles to figure out how to take Lou and his hubris down, she visits Boro at her greenhouse-like mansion, only to go down another rabbit hole she doesn’t foresee for herself. When you make a deal with the Devil, you may eventually get what you wish for, but there are consequences for every choice.

The skilfully adapted limited series unfolds as a Kafkaesque nightmare on steroids. Whether it is in dealings with Lou or pacts with Boro, Lisa realises, rather quickly, that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. If you want something badly, be prepared to sacrifice something of equal measure in return. Even her highly unsettling short film has demons attached to its conception – demons that will eventually pay her multiple visits. A common theme running through the 8-episode miniseries is that of vengeance, and how far one is willing to go in pursuit of those who wronged them. I could see the surreal narrative – curses, apparitions, magic stews, regurgitated felines, un-dead beings, drugs and a complex subconscious in tow – as a metaphor for the price one pays to be an original artist. Lisa embarks on a tortuous journey for the sake of the one thing she cares for above all else – her film! With her uncompromising vision at the front and centre, it is no wonder she goes through all that she does.


When she insists that she will be the one directing the full-length feature, Lou tells Lisa, “I mean, a rookie director is a tough sell. You’d have to sell yourself as a…young female Cronenberg.” With so many aspects going for it, it might be arduous to not impress the well-known director with this positive and interesting creation that has the facility to push the bounds of your consciousness. Even the film-within-a-film machine is an ingenious contact that provides to the drama and intrigue. In spite of extremely participating performances courtesy lead Rosa Salazar and Eric Lange, it’s Catherine Keener’s Boro that is still absolutely the standout. The manipulative bohemian is probably the most harmful piece on which this horror fantasy hinges. Call her a witch, a shaman or a priestess of the darkish arts, one factor she most definitely is, is a badass one should keep away from messing with. Her nonchalant tone and calm manner solely achieve reinforcing the vary of her boundless energy. Pleasantries, threats and ultimatums are delivered in the identical half-smiling, laidback manner. As in Get Out, Keener’s cool and calculated menace seems all too obvious, all too horrifying.

With its extravagant imaginative and prescient tailored for the display, Nick Antosca and Lenore Zion’s restricted collection additionally makes one snort at its black comedic tackle the absurdity at hand. the truth that Brand New Cherry Flavor can’t be slotted neatly right into a field simply goes to indicate how spectacular the creation really is. A should watch for many who get pleasure from exploring the boundaries of their aware and unconscious thoughts.

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