Assam SEBA Exam: HSLC and HS Exam to be held within15 days, said Education Minister Dr Ranoj Pegu

Assam SEBA Exam: HSLC and HS Exam to be held within15 days, said Education Minister Dr Ranoj Pegu

Assam SEBA Exam: This time the high school and higher secondary examination will be done by shortening the student, as soon as the situation is improved, the Assam SEABA Exam or high school and higher secondary exam will start within 15 days. The subject is compressed, the exam will start from the same question paper, Education Minister Ranoj Pegu said to the media.

“When the exam will happen, you will have to wait for a few days for this, we will know that the people do not even give a message to you, the situation is right or you cannot answer it, only the Health Department can answer it”.

The situation has improved a bit already but we haven’t got the normal tuition yet. You will have to help the Covid-19 situation to become normal so that the general situation comes in, for this you will have to follow the covid-19 rule of law.

How many subjects will be in the exam?

Minister Ranoj Pegu also said about Assam SEBA Exam that “How many subjects will the examination be on, three or four such that no action has been taken so far but will be taken as soon as possible”.


The Education Minister has said one more thing that there is as much vacancy in the Education Department as in Great 4 Grade 3, it will provide employment to 100000 unemployed people.

Assam SEBA Exam Result analysis of last year’s board exam

According to the analysis of the province HSLC exams 2020, the general pass share for province HSLC exams was about 64.80 with boys having an Associate in Nursing overall pass a share of 66.93 whereas the women had 62.91 share.

Dhritiraj Bastav Kalita from Padum Pukhuri high school in Darrang flat-top the province category ten exams securing 595 out of total 600 marks followed by Alankrita Gautam Baruah from Salt Brook college, Dibrugarh securing 594 marks.

Debisma Priya Borah of Gyanjyoti Academy or Narayanpur in Lakhimpur district, Jyotisman Deva Sarma Sankardev Sishu Bidya Niketan, Barbhag, Nalbari, and Chaki G. Button of St. Mary’s college, Guwahati secured third place with 591 marks.