Assam CM Covid-19 Lockdown process may Unlock a little bit said Himanta Biswa Sharma
Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sharma said little bit Unlock process will be held from 7 june onwards

Assam is battling coronavirus since April months. Assam CM is updating every Coronavirus related report on its Twitter. Coronavirus was a little less in Assam for the first time, after that it became a bit more, the vast is getting less and less now.

The latest update of Covid-19 in Assam is new cases 5,613 and death cases 77. And is recovered recorded 3,905 recovered to record 3,905.

The condition of coronavirus in Assam is still declining. Latest Covid-19 recorded 5,436 news cases this Friday and a positive rate of 4.42%. And also death reports reduce this time 80 people pass away from this coronavirus.

Assam CM said that by June 7 the situation of compassion may ease a bit. Covid-19 lockdown will remain in position till June 5. He said If there is to be some update on this issue, then it will be known on the 5th. And also said that a little unlock process could be done from the 7th of June. But the complete unlock process is very unlikely to happen before June 15.

This coronavirus killed many high-profile people. Among them, the first name comes from the newly elected MLA Majendra Narzary. The newly-elected MLA from Bodoland People Front (BPF) Party. Narzary came negative in the Covid-19 test a few days ago, but then they had to be treated for Ventilator. Nursery already had a disease like diabetes and blood sahib, according to the report, he suffered a brain-stroke report came in the Wednesday morning.

Narzary has been MLA four times in this Constituency and earlier he was a school teacher. Another name for Corona Virus’s death comes, Leho Ram Bodu’s. The Constituent Assembly lost the second newly elected MLA in a week. Leho Ram Bodo comes from United People’s Party Libera (UPPL),

which alliance with BJP Party.

Leho Ram Bodo became MLA for the first time from Tamulpur Constituency and the rest of the night he had a heart attack, he was taken to the hospital after the Covid-19 test, He died on Saturday, the time of death, he aged 63 years.

The doctor said that a few days ago he had been attacked by Novel Corona Virus.

“His unexpected end could be an important loss to the Tamulpur region and therefore the entire UPPL family. He devoted most of his life to the event and uplift of the region,” UPPL president and chief government member of Bodoland Territorial Council Pramod Boro same.

Assam Governor Jagdish Mukhi and Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma mourned the MLA’s death.

The Chief Minister educated Ministers Urkhao Gwra Brahma of the UPPL and Ashok Singhal of the BJP to make sure his last rites with State honors.

Both deceased MLAs were from areas underneath the BTC.

The UPPL had won six Assembly seats and also the BPF four within the BTC areas. The elections were controlled in 3 phases from March 27 to the Gregorian calendar month six.

The death of the MLAs has reduced the strength of the BJP-led ruling alliance and also the Congress-led opposition alliance by a seat every.