Assam AHSEC Class 12 Exams to be Decided After CBSE’s Marking System: CM Himanta Biswa Sarma

Assam AHSEC Class 12 Exams to be Decided After CBSE's Marking System: CM Himanta Biswa Sarma

Guwahati: State can take a final decision holding for Assam AHSEC Class 12 exams once CBSE announces modalities for marking the students, Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma aforementioned on Thursday. this system is taken for this Covid-19 pandemic.

Addressing a conference on his initial visit to the city as chief minister, adult male Sarma aforementioned a call during this regard is going to be taken once consultation with all stakeholders because it may be a question of a students’ future.

“We welcome the choice taken by the prime minister. we’ll wait until the CBSE announces the modalities for marking the students. we’ll get to take a sensible call as a guardian and take into thought the scholars UN agency plan to pursue medical or engineering courses and what’s going to be the admission criteria for them,” he said.


The Centre on Tuesday set to cancel the CBSE class 12 board exams amid the COVID-19 pandemic with Prime Minister Narendra Modi declarative that the choice has been taken within the interest of scholars which the anxiety among students, folks Associate in Nursingd academics should be placed to a finish.

The announcement was welcomed by many states, with a number of them as well as Haryana, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat asserting cancellation of the 12th board exams.

What is CBSE Class 12 Exam Marking System?

According to government reports, one of the most talked-about evaluation criteria is that students can be assessed between classes 9, 10 and 11 respectively on the basis of their total marks in the previous years.