AR Rahman about casting ‘our folks’ in Southern motion pictures – Telugu News

A day after saying that Tamil is the hyperlink language, AR Rahman has hogged headlines by speaking about colour illustration in south Indian cinema. Speaking at an occasion in Chennai, the composer shared an anecdote from a few years in the past.

Rahman stated {that a} Chinese man as soon as informed him that he likes North Indians extra due to their honest pores and skin. This had the composer pondering. “So, I was thinking whether he had watched any south Indian movies or why he would think like that. It deeply disturbed me,” Rahman started analyzing.


He thoughtfully added that South Indian movies ought to solid folks of our color. “Make the roles of dark-skinned people more empowering. And give them characters that have more dignity. We can have dark-sinned newsreaders. And, this is the most important thing that the south Indians can do. We love our colour. We need to represent them in the most glorious and dignified way,” Rahman added.

He additionally tried to say that the South-North divisions are ineffective.

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