Anycubic’s Black Friday Deals Make It a Perfect Time to Stock Up on 3D Printing Materials

Anycubic’s Black Friday Deals Make It a Perfect Time to Stock Up on 3D Printing Materials – CNET

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These mystery bundles are a fantastic savings on both filament and resin.

Graphic showing discounts on resin and filament for 3D printers


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Whenever you see early Black Friday

deals, it’s worth taking notice, especially when they are deals this good. Anycubic is offering 10kg mystery boxes of its filaments and most popular resins at a steep discount, and if you 3D print a lot this deal is worth getting.

For those wondering if this is an inflated deal that you sometimes see, rest assured it isn’t. The 10kg filament bundle works out to be less than $10 a roll, which is frankly, astounding. Anycubic filament may not be the very best filament you can buy, but for 10 bucks a roll it’ll do enough. This is a mystery bundle so you won’t know what colors you might get, but if you paint your models it won’t matter anyway, and variety is the spice of life, so live a little!

The same can be said for Anycubic’s 3D printer resin. Normally a bottle of 1kg resin would cost around $25 but if you buy the 10kg mystery box you’ll get each 1kg bottle for just $15. Again, you won’t know what colors are coming, but you’ll have saved a lot of money and have a fun surprise when they arrive.

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