Anupam Kher, husband of Kiran Kher's gave a health update, said - 'Lockdown and Kovid made things difficult'
A few days agone, rumors of Kiran's death had emerged, Anupam had tweeted and aforementioned, 'Some rumors area unit flying concerning Kiran. they're all lies. Kiran is completely fine, even on weekday afternoon, she has taken a second vaccinum of Kovid.

Bollywood thespian and BJP MP Kirron Kher is undergoing treatment for blood cancer. Recently, she arrived with her husband Anupam Kher to induce another dose of Kovid immunizing agent. when that the rumor of the death of the thespian was blown away. Now, when this rumor, the actress’s husband Anuman Kher is continually giving updates of Kiran’s health to the folks.

Kiran was diagnosed with cancer last year, however, the thespian and her family failed to build this factor public the least bit. However, a couple of days agone, it absolutely was told by the BJP that Kiran Kher possesses cancer.

Anupam told Kiran’s condition

In such a state of affairs, currently, Anupam Kher keeps changing his fans and followers regarding the health of his adult female Kiran Kher. Kiran Kher is presently undergoing treatment for myeloma, a kind of blood cancer. In an associate interview recently, Anupam Kher shared that she is recovering however Kiran’s treatment is troublesome.

Anupam has aforementioned that there are unit days once she is positive then there are unit days once therapy affects in some ways. He conjointly disclosed that actor Henry M. Robert histrion is worked him each few days. He reached resolute histrion when seeing an advert during which Oscar-winning lawn tennis legend Roger Federer appeared.


The actor has told that he simply wished to grasp if Kiran Kher was doing well, ‘Robert Mainessaged me once he came to grasp regarding Kiran’s health. He gave Maine a video to congratulate Maine on my birthday. He was conjointly sent, and he takes data regarding Kiran’s health every few days.

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The actor is more aforementioned that Kiran’s health is rising. this is often a troublesome treatment, ‘she usually says, adding that the imprisonment and also the COVID state of affairs have created things troublesome. Patients undergoing this treatment have to be compelled to attempt to keep themselves higher, however, they will neither quit nor meet folks, however, the great factor is that Kiran is moving towards higher health.

Anupam’s statement on the rumor

A few days agone, rumors of Kiran’s dying had emerged, Anupam had tweeted and aforementioned, ‘Some rumors area unit flying regarding Kiran. they’re all lies. Kiran is totally fine, even on a weekday afternoon, he has taken the second immunizing agent of Kovid. I request folks to not unfold such negative news. Thank you, be safe.