Assam Govt: CM Sarma Hands Appointment 623 Posts to Education Department

Assam Govt: CM Sarma Hands Appointment 623 Posts to Education Department

On Tuesday, in the presence of Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Bishwa Sharma, 623 candidates were distributed under the Directorate of Higher Education and Secondary Education at Srimanta Sankardeva Kalakshetra.

Out of these, 140 candidates have been nominated for the post of Assistant Professor, 18 candidates for the post of third class in the college, 19 candidates for compassionate appointment and 560 candidates for the post of provincial higher education for 6 higher secondary schools.

There are about 1500 vacancies in provincial colleges in the state. Chief Minister Dr. Sharma states that one lakh appointments will be completed within the next one year. In the coming year, 600 institutions of higher learning will be set up Some new universities will be established. By May 10, there will be 22,000 jobs in the education department.

The Chief Minister informed that the assessment examination of teachers and professors would be conducted parallel to that of the students. He said that the quality of education has not improved since the appointment of teachers, so this time the students as well as the teachers will be evaluated. He says that the teacher’s salary means the tax levied on the poor person, the government does not have its own money, from which the salary is paid. So it’s time to dump her and move on. An incompetent teacher destroys the life of a 20 year old student.


At the event, the Minister of Education informed that the results of the recently concluded TET will be released soon. It will also be possible to fill the vacancies before 10th May. In this case, all measures have been taken. On the other hand, from now on, nose surgery will be made compulsory in Pratikhan College, in which case no college can be ignored. Education Department Advisor Dr. Nani Gopal Mohanty and Lakhimpur MLA Mr. Deka were also present on the occasion.